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Getting to Know Heinen’s Wellness Department

You’ve likely been shopping at one of our stores and noticed the dedicated Wellness Department stocked with products such as Vitamins, Supplements, and Superfoods. Did you know that one of the services that we make available to our customers in each store is access to a full-time dedicated Wellness Consultant?

Our Wellness Consultants are dedicated to providing the advice and guidance you need no matter where you are on your personal health journey or diet or lifestyle change. We welcome you to utilize your Wellness Consultants, all of whom are health coaches trained by a holistic doctor. Many of our Wellness Consultants have degrees and certifications in fields like dietetics, biology and others relating to human physiology. They’re all extremely passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle and they’re eager to get to know you.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, your Heinen’s Wellness Consultant serves as a great starting point when navigating not only the Wellness Department, but the entire store. They are usually available between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but you can always call your local store or stop in to see if they are available. We never charge a fee for their services, which include:

  • Store Tours: Although many people want to know how to eat better they often don’t really know where to start. It can be quite overwhelming. That’s where our Wellness Consultants come in, starting with a store tour. Call your local store and ask to speak with the Wellness Consultant or drop by and ask to schedule a store tour. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Supplements and Vitamins: Both Vitamins and Supplements are a huge part of our Wellness Departments. Our Wellness Consultants are here to assist you in choosing the right products for you and your diet to get you on the right track.
  • Label Reading: Our Wellness Consultants can assist you in breaking down and making sense of nutrition labels. They can help to read a label and determine if the product aligns with your diet and possible restrictions.
  • Diet and Lifestyle Coaching: Every one of our customers is different when it comes to diet and lifestyle. Our Wellness Consultants can offer support in making changes to your eating and wellness habits.
  • Wellness Events and Seminars: Throughout the year, Heinen’s Wellness Consultants host speakers and wellness experts in our stores to present and educate on various topics pertaining to living and healthy lifestyles. These are an excellent resource and a great way to obtain additional information about certain diet and lifestyle choices. In addition, we may host wellness talks and seminars outside the confines of the grocery store, in places like schools, libraries, senior centers throughout the community. You can see what events are happening at your local Heinen’s by checking our In-Store Events Listing.

We recognize that continuing education is important, especially with the frequent changes and developments that take place in the wellness field. Dr. Todd Pesek M.D., Heinen’s Holistic Physician, created a rigorous curriculum through which all of our Wellness Consultants are trained and, throughout the year, he hosts interactive classes and continuing education sessions. Dr. Todd brings more than 10 years of experience working in holistic medicine and passes that experience on to our Wellness Consultants. With his advising, our Wellness Consultants can better help our customers to use food for better health, energy and happiness.

You may be asking yourself, “Why does Heinen’s do all of this?” We always strive to provide the best customer service in the world, and assisting our customers in making important food and diet choices is an important part of that. We believe that this is truly the best way to meet the needs of our customers and to amplify the grocery shopping experience.

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  1. I live in Avon but have been in AZ since early December 2015 & we are still out here. I started searching the web for grass fed
    beef & that led me back to your store. I have purchased your Amish chicken for years but we eat very little beef. However I have read about making bone broth & I want to make it from grass fed cattle bones & organic chicken bones. This led me to your Wellness Center. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. I was unaware of this in the past. I had never taken the time to check out your website (didn’t even think of it) but learning from all the younger family members. Anyway I want to compliment you on your great service . See you again in May. Fran

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