Provolone Torpedo

Heinen’s Hand-Selected, Imported Italian Provolone

One of Italy’s most popular cheeses, Provolone was born in Basilicata in southern Italy. In present day Italy, it has become one of the most beloved cheeses, being produced in all regions. Provolone is a pasta filata or stretched curd cheese made from pasteurized cow milk. It received a Protected Designation Of Origin (PDO) status in 1933.

Our hand-selected import falls into the piccante category.  Heinen’s Provolone Piccante is aged for more than a year and it is slightly smoked. The aging and smoking process produces a cheese that is semi-hard in texture with a buttery flavor profile and just a hint of spice and sharpness on the palate. A “star” on any antipasto plate, our imported Italian Provolone Piccante will be a great pairing partner with Italian olives and thin slices of prosciutto or with roasted grapes and figs. Add a bottle of Prosecco and you are off to a great impromptu warm weather entertaining experience.


We will be cutting 110-lb Aged Provolone Torpedos at select Heinen’s. Join us at these locations:

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