Happy New Year

Dr Todd Happy New Year!

Those three words seem to put enormous pressure on the average person. The prospect of a fresh, new beginning encourages all sorts of resolutions, only half of which we can reasonably expect to keep—after all, we are only human!

I am here to let you off the hook. Yes, I said it. Don’t make resolutions, you ask? No, I am here to tell you to think small. Think small? Let me explain: an entire mighty oak grows from a single seed. A perfect human being from two halves of a single cell. A movement for change from a lone idea.

Starting small is truthfully the key to success. If you, like many of us, wish to be healthier this year, or just want to get back on track from the richness and business from the holidays, I have good news. We can make small changes to create the broad, sweeping positive overhaul that will then take on a life of its own. If we try to drastically alter that to which we are accustomed, it may be nearly impossible to stick with such changes.  It can become too much to handle. In some cases, the only way to change is the entire overhaul—say, if there is a serious health crisis involved. But if we have the time and luxury to start small, we all should. Everyone can do some small thing and stick with it!

So do me a favor: commit to at least 21 days. That is how long it takes to form a new habit, or break an old one (If you feel generous, give me 28 days, just to make sure). What kind of small changes am I talking about? Try one of these:
    1. A salad a day, no exceptions.  Make it a big salad.
    2. Cut out refined sugar.
    3. Trade your coffee in for a tea latte. Whisk 1 tsp. Matcha powder with warm water or almond milk. 
        Sweeten if you wish with coconut nectar or honey. Make this your morning routine.
    4. Honor your food by preparing it yourself and sitting down to eat each dinner.
    5. Aim to eat the rainbow throughout the week. Keep a checklist to make it a game. 
    6. Take your supplements every day, without exception.
    7. And though this is not food-related, I also encourage you to take a walk daily (bundle up!).

If you find you are already doing much of these as part of your normal routine, it may be the time of year to reset yourself with a cleanse!

It’s pretty simple, eat veggies: no processed or refined foods, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, or animal products of any kind. It forces one to be creative with meals, and it’s actually fun. We juice fresh fruits and vegetables, make soups and salads, and most importantly, really focus on what goes into our bodies. Keep up the gentle exercise and sweat often—walks, tai chi, yoga, etc.  The body needs energy to clean and reset.

So whether you make one small change or go for the whole cleanse, I am proud of you for making a commitment to yourself and your health every day. Have a wonderful 2015!

Be well,
Dr. Todd


  1. I am sure taking your advice and starting small a salad a day eating healthy….I can’t do the walk I don’t like the cold I will in a few months..thank you for the great advice and happy New year

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