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Healthy Mom Project Picks: Cold & Flu

With a particularly virulent cold and flu season in full swing, you’re probably wondering what you can do in hopes of keeping your family healthy. Here are some of the Healthy Mom Project’s favorite product picks for cold and flu season.

NOOMA Organic Electrolyte Drink This sports drink is made with organic ingredients, natural electrolytes, and no added sugar all while providing you with hydration! And guess what? This is a local company from Cleveland. Other electrolyte drinks are Bodyarmour and DRINK maple. Here is an easy smoothie you can make to replace electrolytes: 1 cup organic kale, 1 banana, and one cup organic coconut milk. Blend in a blender.

Epsom Salt Epsom salt baths are an easy and effective way to promote relaxation and healing. Most people are deficient in magnesium and yet every single cell in our body needs it. Epsom salt baths are especially important when you are sick or after a strenuous workout. (For children under 60 lbs add 1/2 cup to bath water. For children 60–100 lbs add 1 cup to bath water. For people 100 lbs and more add 2 cups to bath water.)

Lemons Lemons have so many benefits. I start my day every morning with a warm cup of lemon water. Just squeeze a half of organic lemon in your water before you eat breakfast or drink your coffee. Lemon water is high in vitamin C, and some say aids in digestion.

Erie Bone Broth This is located in the freezer section next to the organic vegetables and is a local company in Cleveland! This bone broth is made with 100% grass fed/finished bones and pasture-raised chicken and turkey bones from organic farms. It naturally contains proteins, collagen, amino acids and minerals. Read more about the possible benefits of bone broth here. You can drink it plain (6–8 oz/day), or add sea salt and hot sauce. You can also cook rice in it, scramble eggs in it, sauce veggies, or meat with bone broth.

Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar This has so many benefits there are even books written on it. My favorite benefit is that it contains healthy bacteria that is said to be good for your gut. Drink 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar diluted in 8 oz. of water before a meal 1–2 times a day.

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat I have always been a fan of this tea. It is organic, and drinking 3 cups a day when you have a sore throat seems to help alleviate my pain.

Oscillococcinum I saved the best for last! This is THE homeopathic flu remedy you want in your house BEFORE you come down with the flu so you can start it right away. It’s located in the Wellness Department at Heinen’s. Studies have proven that taking Oscillococcinum at the onset of symptoms can shorten the duration of illness. Take as directed: 1 vial 3 times/day. The dose is the same for adults and children.

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Lauren Egger
Posted by: Lauren Egger
Lauren Egger is a busy mom of 5, RN, and founder of the Healthy Mom Project, started to create awareness and offer solutions to help parents make healthy decisions for their families. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease 14 years ago, it has been her mission to empower others to take charge of their own health and navigate past the hype to truth based on science.

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