Air Ship Cheese Sign

Heinen’s European Air Ship Cheese Program

We are saying yes, please to European cheese. Heinen’s Gourmet Cheese Department is known for having a vast selection of delectable meltable, spreadable and sliceable cheeses from local and international producers. Did you know that Heinen’s has a European Air Ship program that brings cheeses directly from Europe to your store?

Heinen’s  Air Ship Cheese Program is currently sourcing from small, artisanal cheese producers in Italy and France. Each delicious variety is specially selected to bring you the freshest, highest-quality European cheeses.

Ordered monthly and flown in directly from Europe, these little cheese “gems” come and go based upon the season and their limited production. Ever changing and always interesting, stop by the Cheese Department and ask our Cheese Specialists about the current offerings. Keep your eye open in the future for other European cheeses as we work to expand our program to other European regions.


    1. Hello – While selection varies between each store and may vary from month-to-month, each store should carry 5-7 different types.

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