Yule Log

#HolidaysWithHeinens: A Sweet Celebration with Heinen’s Yule Logs

At the holidays there’s no such thing as too many sweets! From munchable cookies to sippable hot cocoa, festive sweet treats are a staple of the season, but nothing compares to indulging in a Yule Log from Heinen’s Bakery.

In the words of Joe Heinen, “You have to find the best to sell the best,” and Heinen’s certainly found the best in baked goods at Hoff’s Bakery in Northern Boston. Much like Heinen’s, Hoff’s Bakery is a multi-generation family-owned and operated business with an unwavering commitment to providing value and quality in their products.

For nearly 10 years, Heinen’s and Hoff’s have been filling our bakery with gourmet desserts. Today we carry many of their products, like the delicious Truffle Bomb Cake, but the Yule Logs are a limited-time homemade treat that’s highly anticipated every year, because it simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Yule Log

This chocolate cake-based creation is oozing with white chocolate filling and intricately decorated with festive frosting to resemble, you guessed it, a holiday log! The homemade look and taste alone makes it a show-stopping centerpiece at any holiday gathering, but it’s the detail oriented hands that create this delicious dessert that make it truly unique.

While Hoff’s Bakery makes thousands of Yule Logs every year, Heinen’s Yule Logs are created with a special white chocolate mousse filling to meet the taste preferences of our customers. In fact, Heinen’s is Hoff’s only grocer to carry a Yule Log with white chocolate mousse.

Assembly Line

Creating these custom desserts is no small task. When it comes time to make Heinen’s Yule Logs, Hoff’s bakers devote an entire day to hand rolling and decorating every dessert. From scratch-making the mousse and frosting to hand rolling and decorating each log, an assembly line of  nearly 25 skilled bakers and decorators work together to produce 2,400 Yule Logs that are consistent in look and taste.

The result is a truly unique holiday treat that looks just as good as it tastes! If you’re craving a sweet centerpiece this year, dig into Heinen’s festive Yule Log for a taste of homemade holiday decadence.

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