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Tomatoes: Don’t overlook the heirlooms

Move aside pure-red tomatoes, there’s a new tomato in town. Well, not technically a new tomato but a newfound favorite among our resident foodies and passionate customers. Heirloom tomatoes are making a strong comeback after a long absence from kitchens across the country and we’re loving it.

Heirloom TomatoesYou may not know it but many moons ago what we know today as heirloom tomatoes were just called “Tomatoes.” That was until these misshapen, often multi-colored tomatoes that we once again know and love were tossed aside for the pure-red, firm and easy-to-transport tomatoes that we’re familiar with today. Over the course of a few decades many heirloom tomato varieties disappeared and we began to know tomatoes as solid red and more or less uniform in shape and taste.

We’ll be the first to defend the classic tomato and you’ll find a wide assortment of great tasting red tomatoes in the Heinen’s Produce Department like our favorite “Ohio Red Tomatoes on the Vine” throughout the year. These classic reds are what we’ve come to know and love, but we’re certainly not complaining about the recent rise in heirloom tomato popularity. That means more heirlooms for all to enjoy.

Our heirloom tomatoes are grown on local Ohio and Illinois Amish farms where they’re specifically grown for great taste and premium quality, nothing less. Because they’re grown nearby, the short trip from farm to store means that our heirlooms never sacrifice quality and flavor for durability to withstand long trips before arriving at our stores.

We had a chance to chat with a local heirloom grower at our Ohio Amish Produce Auction and found that the heirloom tomato crop is doing quite well this year. Despite the summer heat, and a dry spell, the plants have been thriving and producing great quality and great tasting tomatoes. Our local heirlooms are all field grown from seed, often under the protection of plastic hoop houses that act as a roof to keep intense rainfall from damaging the fragile fruit.

Nothing compares to the pure taste of an heirloom tomato. – Andrew, a local Ohio Amish Farmer

Heirlooms are great in any dish that Tomatoes on Tablecalls for tomatoes and, the best part is, each variety has a distinct tomato taste that really can’t be beat. These tomatoes are so flavorful with low acidity, compared to conventional red tomatoes, we’ve even been known to suggest that customers slice them up and eat them plain with just a pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper!

Check your local Heinen’s for a great selection including large slicer varieties and cherry heirlooms that are so versatile and unique, you’ll love the great tomato taste and the extra color they add to your plate. Each and every heirloom tomato variety has a great, unique taste that simply can’t be matched by traditional red tomatoes. Give them a try today.

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