Holiday Floral Arrangement

Holidays With Heinen’s: Floral Arranging as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Have you ever walked into Heinen’s and found yourself in a sea of grocery floral bouquets? You know the kind — a seasonal assortment of greenery, pom poms, perhaps a few special stems like berries or lilies and maybe even a floral accessory like a snowflake? You like the bouquet but wished it looked more like it was made with love from the floral department. Well, you are in luck — here are a few tips to take any ordinary floral bunch and turn it into a more special treat for a holiday gift or for your own dining table décor.

Materials Needed

  • A bunch of standard grocery flowers
  • A pretty vase
  • Fresh water
  • Tape: floral, scotch or Washi
  • Floral cutters: shears or sharp household scissors
  • Fun accessories: ribbon, feathers, seasonal picks

Step 1

Loose flowers

Start with taking apart your bouquet to see what types of flowers you have to work with. It is so fun to see the different varieties of greens and colorful stems that have been included in an everyday floral bunch. To keep your arrangement happy and healthy, strip all the leaves from the flower stems to avoid stem rot.

Step 2

Red vases

When selecting a vase, look for one where the top is wider at the top than at the bottom. Once you’ve selected a vase, add some fresh water to the vase so you are ready to fill it with your flowers.

Step 3

Vase with tape


To give you a good base for the arrangement try adding floral tape to the top of your vase in a criss-cross arrangement. Don’t have any floral tape at home? Not to worry, you can try using scotch tape or even a pretty Washi tape that you may have around home. One thing we love about Washi tape is that the pretty patterns can add a touch of whimsy to any arrangement, give it a try!

Step 4

Arranging flowers in a vase

With your vase prepped, start by adding the greenery to the arrangement, trimming the ends with your floral shears, regular scissors will also work as long as they are sharp and make a clean cut. Once your greenery has been added you can start to trim and add some of the more special flowers to the vase. Play with different heights to add that professional look. Maybe try one taller, feature flower and then filling the other empty spots with lower height flowers. Add flowers so each taped off section is filled.

Step 5

Ribbon and additions

Once you are happy with how your flower shop arrangement looks think about all the fun things you can add to provide that extra special touch. From floral ribbons and picks to everyday craft store finds like sparkly feathers and metallic garlands, choose something pretty to add sparkle to your arrangement. During the holiday season you can find some beautiful floral accessories in the gift wrapping and holiday ornaments departments. Check them out!

Step 6

Finished arrangement

Remember to change the water every other day and keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight. This will keep your flowers fresh and prolong its life.

Charity D'Amato
Posted by: Charity D'Amato
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