We Know Our Sources: Hoopes Winery

Making world class wine may seem complicated, but for the Hoopes family in Napa Valley, California a love for farming and wine is the key to success. This simple, yet crucial foundation has transformed Spencer Hoopes’ passion for wine into one of the most unique and prominent winemaking endeavors in Napa Valley.

So, how does one turn a simple love of wine and farming into a world class wine making venture?  You stay true to history of the region, and the history of these wines dates back to 1880 when William Keyes established the Liparita estate on the Howell Mountain in Napa Valley. Named after the soils on Lipari Island near Sicily, Keyes put Liparita on the winemaking map by being the first brand in Napa Valley to identify the vineyard origin on the wine label. However, prohibition and environmental factors took their toll on the winery, causing it to wax and wane throughout 1900s.

Fast forward to 2006 when Spencer Hoopes and his family purchased the Liparita estate and brand with a mission to bring it back to life by producing great wines with strong ties to the region and founding vision of William Keyes.

Today, Hoopes’ mission stays in the family with his daughter and second generation owner, Lindsay Hoopes, who, after receiving a law degree, returned to Napa Valley to peruse her passion for making world renowned wine. Under this ownership, the Hoopes developed a unique throwback-style label that pays tribute to the history of the winery, while establishing their own mark on the brand with their namesake label: Hoopes. Together, Spencer and Lindsay have perpetuated the legacy of Liparita by combining the best of the past and present both inside of the bottle and on it.

Our wine experts have gotten to know the Hoopes family and their impact on the revival of the Liparita brand. They have seen, first-hand, the impact that Hoopes have had on the Napa Valley winemaking region and discovered that their commitment to producing exceptional wines, as the history of the vineyard intended, makes them a unique, trusted and valued partner.

Experience Liparita wines for yourself as the 2014 Liparita Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Liparita Carneros Chardonnay arrive for the holiday season.

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