How to Open a bottle of Sparkling Wine

Whatever the occasion, a bottle of sparkling wine always an elegant touch. Before you get to sipping, make sure you brush up on the basics of popping the cork on your bubble with these simple steps from Heinen’s Director of Wine and Beer.

Opening Sparkling Wine 101

  1. Chill your bottle below 40 degrees. If you have a bottle that’s warm, it’s likely to pop!
  2. Once chilled, pull the foil off of the top to reveal the cage underneath.
  3. Once the foil is off, point the bottle away from your face and keep one finger on top of the cage.
  4. Twist the key of the cage 5 or 6 times to loosen the cage. Once untwisted, be sure to keep the cage on top of the cork.
  5. Cover the top of the cage and bottle with a napkin or towel.
  6. Hold the cage and the cork still, and twist the bottle.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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