Kitchen Knives

Infographic: Get to know your Kitchen Knives

We’ve all got that giant butchers block full of an assortment of knives that sits on the counter collecting dust day after day or that drawer that’s impossible to get open because it’s stuffed full of knives and perpetually remains un-opened. For those that have a single favorite knife and use it to cut, chop and slice just about everything, here’s an infographic to help you familiarize yourself with the rest of those knives left in the drawer day after day.

Something as simple as using the correct knife can really elevate your confidence in the kitchen and allow you to tackle different and more complex recipes with great results. We realize that a knife alone doesn’t translate to great tasting and beautiful looking food but using the proper knife will certainly help you produce better quality results. So dust off that old butchers block, get those knives sharpened and start using them!

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