Tavoliere cheese wheel

Introducing La Casearia Carpenedo Tavoliere Cheese

The days of summer are long, leisurely and chock-full of wonderful al fresco dining opportunities. The newest addition to our Italian specialty cheese selection is Tavoliere, a semi-firm cheese produced in the Veneto region of Italy by family-owned and -operated La Casearia Carpenedo. It will surely become a new found favorite among the summertime cheeses offered at your patio gatherings!

Tavoliere is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese made with traditional animal rennet and rubbed with tomato sauce and olive oil. It is very young, aged for only 45 days, which results in a certain freshness on the palate and an aromatic profile of cultured butter and sweet cream. It is very mild in flavor and has a lacey appearance.

It is great on a cheese board with cured meats and olives or added to a delicious sandwich composed of layers of thinly sliced prosciutto, hard salami and sun-dried tomato miscela on rosemary bread—WOW! Pair Tavoliere with Soave or Orvieto white wines and Pilsner beers.

So let’s toast: To summertime, outside entertaining, La Casearia Carpenedo Tavoliere cheese, crisp wines, beers and the best of friends! Here just in time to celebrate our 90th anniversary, Tavoliere can be found in the Specialty Cheese Department of all Heinen’s locations.

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