Wedge of Irish cheese

It’s Your Lucky Day: Irish Cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day

We know cheese isn’t the most obvious fare for St. Patrick’s Day (corned beef definitely holds that distinction), but we think it’s a perfect choice nonetheless. Even more so when infused with beer and wine, like in these options that are so delicious you’ll definitely think the Luck of the Irish is with you.

Kerrygold’s Dubliner Irish Cheese with Stout

Dubliner Irish Cheese and its perfect pair, an Irish stout, are now together in a new unique cow’s milk cheese imported from Ireland. A classic flavor combination that brings out the sweet, nutty, rich flavor of Dubliner cheese against the back drop of the malty, caramel notes of Irish stout.

Kerrygold’s Aged Cheddar with Whiskey*

A rich and creamy aged cheddar infused with rounded notes of the smooth and woody taste of pure Irish whiskey. A classic Irish pairing!

Cahill’s Cheddar with Porter

Cahill’s Irish Cheddar with Porter is a definitive combination. This cheese is full, rich and tangy on the palate with just a touch of chocolate on the end note. An attractive visual mosaic with a kaleidoscope of flavor!

Cahill’s Ardagh Wine Cheese

Cahill’s Ardagh Wine cheese not only makes an attractive addition to any cheese board, but it is a seamless blend of cheese and wine in one bite. A smooth, cow’s milk cheese with a touch of sharpness on the palate that combines with dry red wine to create this specialty Irish selection.

Find these and more great options in the Gourmet Cheese department at your local Heinen’s. *Selection may vary between stores.

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