White Orchid Flower

Just-Add-Ice Orchids – Beauty and Simplicity

White and Pink Orchid FlowerJust Add Ice Orchids are produced by Green Circle Growers in Oberlin, OH, a multi-generational family-owned wholesale greenhouse operation.  Green Circle Growers came about in the 1960’s, when Art and Cora vanWingerden emigrated from Holland and settled in North Olmsted, Ohio.  With just three acres of greenhouses, they began their horticulture business and taught their 16 children how to produce plants.  While all the others have taken their expertise to other regions of the United States, one son, John, stayed.

Today, three generations later, John and many of his 8 children manage over 110 acres that make up Green Circle Growers and are committed to introducing fresh new ideas to the market place while utilizing production methods that are efficient and environmentally conscious.

Orchids are a new venture for Green Circle Growers.  Typically orchids in the U.S. are grown in warm climates such as Florida or California, however in Europe the 90% of potted orchids are produced in Holland, the “Ohio” of Europe.  Having an orchid production facility in the Midwest makes sense on numerous levels:

Cool northern growing conditions increases orchid longevity, so they will remain in bloom and be enjoyed for months!

A naturally cooled greenhouse is more environmentally friendly then greenhouses located in warmer climates which require constant air-conditioning year-round.

More efficient distribution to northern states can be gained with a greenhouse facility located in Ohio, which reduces the orchid’s carbon footprint.

The brand “Easy Orchids” is exclusive to Green Circle Growers and was created to demonstrate to consumers that caring for and enjoying orchids is “Easy” and not intimidating.

Simple Care Instructions for your Easy Orchid:

Easy Orchids will thrive in any home or office environment where there is bright, in-direct light at a temperature that is comfortable to you (65 to 80 degrees F).  Place your Easy Orchid in a similar location where you would enjoy an African violet.  The most important aspect for keeping your Easy Orchid flourishing is consistent watering.  We’ve made this “easy” by following this simple rule of thumb: “3 ice cubes per week”.  Any averaged sized ice cubes will do.  The ice will not harm the leaves or roots and it releases water overtime, so there are no concerns of over-watering.

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