Block of Hornbacher Cheese

Just In Time for the Holidays: Hornbacher Cheese

The temperatures have officially started their descent, but we’re focused on the holidays ahead and the great food that we’ll be enjoying as we celebrate. Potatoes in their many forms are a side that we look forward to adding to our plates, but a gathering doesn’t typically align with serving baked potatoes. That’s okay, though! We have a cheese that will serve as a fine, dare we say better substitute.

Yes – a cheese that tastes like a buttered baked potato. We’d like to introduce you to Hornbacher, a 12-months-aged cheese made in Switzerland from unpasteurized cow milk.

The town in Switzerland where Hornbacher is made is located in one of the best cheesemaking regions. Until now the cheesemaker and his wife only sold Hornbacher in their small cheese store. That’s how special its arrival to your Heinen’s Cheese Department is.

Exclusively produced by master cheesemaker Michael Spycher, the dairy is located just next door to his home and nearby a small river – the Hornbach. The milk is rich in nutrients and delivered by local farmers twice a day. The cows graze on nearby hillsides during summer and quality hay in winter, both adding to the unique flavor profile.

So how should you enjoy it?

Make it your secret ingredient for Chicken Cordon Bleu or pair with malty ales or Champagne. That is, if you don’t eat it right out of your hand like we’ve been known to do.

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