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Kickin’ it with Kenny: Potions & Dessert

It’s official: autumn weather is here to stay. As you once again adjust to the temperature shift, we suggest you warm yourself up with the flavors of fall. Apple cider, pumpkin, & cinnamon are key ingredients in festive fall concoctions. Whether you’re adding alcohol or not, you’re sure to enjoy these potions:

Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

Pumpkin Latte

Apple Cider Floats

Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail


Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

½ cup water
½ cup sugar
1 vanilla bean

For the cocktail

2 cups apple cider
½ teaspoon lemon juice
⅓ cup ice
½ cup prosseco, chilled

For the garnishes

Caramel sauce
¼ cup sugar
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
Apple slices


First, make the simple syrup. Place water and sugar in a saucepan then cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise and scrape out the seeds with the back of a knife. Place the seeds and the vanilla bean in the simple syrup, whisk together then let cook on low for about 5 minutes until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool.

Dip the rim of each martini glass into caramel sauce then into sugar mixed with cinnamon until rims are completely covered.

Place apple cider, lemon juice, ice and ¼ cup of simple syrup in a cocktail shaker and shake to combine.

Strain mixture (to keep ice out) directly into sugar rimmed martini glasses. Top with prosecco and slowly mix.

Garnish with apple slice.

Makes 4-5 mini martinis or 2-3 regular size martinis

Pumpkin Latte


4 tbsp. Heinen’s Canned Pumpkin
2 cups Heinen’s Milk (2%)
3 tbsp. Caramel Syrup
¼ tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice
½ tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Sugar
½ cup strongly brewed coffee
Rum Chata, optional (see note below)


Whipped Cream
Caramel Syrup


Add pumpkin, milk, caramel syrup, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, sugar and brewed coffee to a small pot. Heat to Medium/High. Continuously whisk until mixture is thoroughly combined and begins to boil.

Drain through a strainer into coffee mugs. Top with Whipped Cream, Caramel Syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.

Note: Stir in Rum Chata before topping with whipped cream to make a Spiked Pumpkin Latte.

Makes 2 servings

Apple Cider Floats


Heinen’s Vanilla Ice Cream
Fresh Local Apple Cider
Sparkling Apple Cider


Whipped Cream
Apple Slice
Ground Cinnamon
Cinnamon Stick
Caramel Sauce


Scoop ice cream into a cup & pour equal parts local apple cider and sparkling apple cider.

Top with whipped cream, apple slice, a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, a cinnamon stick and caramel sauce.

Serves 1

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