Concord Grapes on Vine

Fresh off the Vine – Linehan Concord Grapes

There are many different varieties of red, green and in-between table grapes, but there’s only one true Concord grape.

These globe-shaped, dull-skinned, dark purple grapes are a can’t miss item of the season. The classic Concord grape is most commonly used to make grape jelly, grape juice, wine and grape-flavored candy and soda, but nothing compares to snacking on these delicious grapes, fresh-off-the-vine.

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Concords are round, juicy and sweet-tasting and make for a perfect snack, but the season is short for these purple beauties. Luckily, the pickings are ripe as the season has just begun and and will last through the third week of October.

Great as a snack, or as an addition to a cheese plate, pie or salad, Concord grapes are a truly versatile fruit.

Each and every Concord grape sold in our stores is carefully grown and tended to by the Linehan Family in Geneva, Ohio. The Linehan story began when John and Rita Linehan, having just finished graduate school, planted their roots on a vineyard in Ashtabula County perched above the scenic Grand River; the perfect grape growing location.

Being a family-owned farm makes the Linehan’s a truly unique grower, and their Concord grapes are equally special because they’re picked with a purpose that differs from all other Concord grapes grown in the area. While most Concord grapes are picked and sold specifically for juice production, the Linehan’s dedicated harvesting crews pick the ripest and freshest clusters for table grapes before the mechanical harvesters start picking for juice production.

Linehan Family

Nearly five decades after settling on their vineyard, the Linehan family has developed a multi-generational legacy of grape growing. With the help of their committed team, who have an undeniable passion for producing the best possible product, the Linehan’s have been able to share their delicious seasonal fruit with the community through partnering with grocers like Heinen’s, who value local sourcing.

What comes next for the Linehan’s legacy? Grape growing will continue to stay in the family as they venture into growing colored and seedless grapes to meet the health and taste preferences of customers like you.

After nearly seven years of working with the Linehan’s, we continue to look forward to Concord grape season, and this year is no exception because produce from passionate growers makes all the difference in quality and taste.

Photographs were provided courtesy of the Linehan Family.

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