Concord Grapes on Vine

Fresh off the Vine – Linehan’s Concord Grapes

There are many different varieties of red and green and in-between table grapes but there’s only one true Concord Grape.

Concord Grapes

These globe-shaped and dull-skinned, dark purple almost black grapes are a can’t miss item of the season. The classic concord grape is most commonly used to make grape jelly, grape juice, wine and grape-flavored candy and soda but nothing compares to snacking on these delicious grapes, fresh-off-the-vine.

Concords are round, juicy and sweet tasting grapes that make for a perfect snack anytime of day. The season is short for these purple beauties so look for them at your local Heinen’s store today.

Great on a cheese plate, in a pie, on your favorite salad or as a snack, Concord Grapes are versatile and great to eat.

We Know Our Sources

Each and every concord grape sold in our stores is lovingly grown and tended to by the Linehan Family in Geneva, Ohio. The Linehan story began in 1975 when John and Rita Linehan,

Linehan Family
The Linehan Family posing in the vineyard. Circa 1983.

Having just finished graduate school in Cincinnati, they purchased a vineyard along the Grand River and began living their life-long dreams of farming, family  and service to their community.

Since those days, John and Rita have dedicated their lives to growing the best tasting grapes for all to enjoy. They’ve experiemented with different growing techniques with a commitment to growing the highest quality grapes available.

Today, the Linehan family continues to raise and sell their premium grapes and continues to rejoice with working the land and sharing the bounty they have been blessed with.

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