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Locally Grown Farm Report

At Heinen’s, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of quality locally-grown produce. Sure, you’ll find the expected, such as cucumbers, green peppers and zucchini. But you’ll also find some locally-grown veggies in our stores that are a little out of the ordinary. For example, graffiti eggplants, purple beans, and more varieties of squash than you probably knew existed. We understand these unfamiliar veggies can be intimidating, but we hope you’ll give them a try! Still not sure about the more unusual produce varieties? Our produce associates are always happy to help you out with tips and ideas for how to use them.

For the full local experience, check out our upcoming Farmer’s Markets at select stores. Learn more here.

Thanks to relationships as carefully cultivated as our produce, we offer one of the largest selections of locally grown produce you’ll find. We’re always proud to say “We Know Our Sources” and this week’s locally grown farm report will show you why. We’ll be keeping you updated on what’s in-store from these and other farms as the season goes on!

Here’s what’s available now from our local growers (selection may vary per store):

Alfalfa sproutsCleveland Bean Sprout

Cleveland, Ohio

Available Now: Bean sprouts l Broccoli sprouts l Clover sprouts

ChivesGreat Lakes Growers

Burton, Ohio

Available Now: Chives l Mint l Sage l Watercress l Living Boston Lettuce Living Basil Rosemary

Red and Green Leaf LettuceJon’s Organics Farm & Produce

Ravenna, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Organic Romaine

ZuchinniGreenfield Farms Organic

Wooster, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Kale l Organic Zucchini l Organic Yellow Squash Organic Grape & Slicer Tomatoes Organic Green & Red Cabbage Organic Eggplant Organic Green Beans Organic Green Pepper

corn on the cobWitten Produce Farms

Marietta, Ohio

Available Now: Sweet & White Corn 

Red leaf lettuceRed Sled Farms

Mesopotamia, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Red & Green Leaf Lettuce l Organic Grape Tomatoes Organic Romaine

RadishesZellers Farms

Hartville, Ohio

Available Now: Boston & Bibb Lettuces l Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Endive Escarole l Green Onion l Beets l Kale l Romaine l Radishes l Cilantro l Baby Dill l Plain & Curly Parsley


Homerville, Ohio

Available Now: Green & Yellow Zucchini l Yellow, Flat & Baby Squash l Cucumbers l Pickles l White & Red Candy Onions Savoy  Cabbage Heirloom & Slicer Tomatoes Jalapeno Green Peppers Purple & Pole Beans Baby Egg Graffiti Eggplant Anaheim Peppers

Green beansMichael’s Farm

Urbana, Ohio

Arriving Soon: Green Beans l Green & Red Cabbage White Corn

Heirloom tomatoesAmish Auction

Bainbridge, Ohio

Available Now: Grape & Heirloom Tomatoes 

MicrogreensVigeo Gardens

Akron, OH

Available Now: Micro Blend Micro Broccoli/kale l Micro Arugula

PeachesFruit Growers Co-op

Various Locations, Ohio

Available Now: Peaches

Tomatoes on the VineNature’s Acres

Millersburg, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Slicer Tomatoes

KaleBuckeye Fresh

Medina, Ohio

Available Now: Kale l Buckeye Blend Salad l Romaine Select Salad l Organic Select Salad l Basil

Fresh basil Gotham Greens

Chicago, Illinois

Available Now: Salad Mixes l Basil

corn on the cobPochedly Farms

Hiram, Ohio

Available Now: Sweet Corn

CucumbersSunrise Farms

Bainbridge, Ohio

Available Now: Slicer Tomatoes l Green Peppers Cucumbers Zucchini Yellow, Spaghetti, Acorn & Butternut Squash Eggplant

TomatoesCentral Illinois Produce Auction

Shobonier, Illinois

Available Now: Slicer, Heirloom, Grape, Heirloom Grape & Roma Tomatoes l Zucchini Cucumbers Yellow Squash Corn Eggplant Honey Rocks Pickles Green Peppers Watermelon

corn on the cobTwin Garden Farms

Harvard, Illinois

Available Now: Mirai Corn










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