White Zinfandel Bottles

Making a case for White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel gets a bad rap. We don’t think it should.

When most people think about ‘White Zin’ they’re almost immediately inundated with thoughts of cheap, overly sweet pink wine trapped in the corrugated confines of a cardboard box. While it may be case that many times (but not all the time) White Zinfandel comes from a box and can be overly sweet, we don’t think that the varietal as a whole should be overlooked. In fact we’re firm believers that when White Zinfandel is done right, it can be an exceptional wine and an outstanding value.

What is White Zinfandel, anyway?White-Zinfandel_Blog-Interior

White Zinfandel is a rosé style wine made from red zinfandel grapes. The same Zinfandel grapes that are used to make deep red and spicy-on-the-palette Zinfandel wines are also used to make White Zinfandel.

But how does one wine turn out deep red and spicy and one turn out pink and slightly sweet if they’re made from the same grapes?

It’s all about the wine making process. To make deep red-colored Zinfandel the skins of the crushed Zinfandel grapes are left to mingle with the juice for long periods of time and time impart a beautiful deep-red color on the juice. When making White Zinfandel or most any rosé for that matter, red grapes are crushed and the juice is quickly separated from the skins, resulting in a light pink almost salmon colored juice that is ready to become rosé while the remaining juice, still on the grape skins, is perfect for making deeper, bolder red wines.

Many of today’s White Zinfandels, specifically from California are made from 100% old vine Zinfandel grapes that are also used in making some of the best, most beloved bottles of Zinfandel.

Isn’t all White Zinfandel overly sweet?

Often you’ll find that White Zinfandel has a little extra sugar left over during fermentation resulting in a touch or more of sweetness in the glass. That’s not always the case and if sweet wine isn’t your thing, we’ll happily suggest that a “Dry” White Zinfandel may be the bottle for you.


Premium Quality Dry White Zinfandel

Signal Ridge Dry White Zin
Anderson Valley, Mendocino Co., California

Playful yet refined, the 2015 dry White Zin has a salmon color with a bronze tinge, and a fresh but subtle floral bouquet, like windswept wild daisies. Flavors of rhubarb, green watermelon and copper create a taste that is refreshing, balanced and bright. 13.8 % alcohol.

Pick up a bottle of this from your local Heinen’s Wine Department. Still have questions about which White Zin is best for you? Ask any one of our knowledgeable wine consultants for advice on picking the perfect bottle.


    1. Hi Richard – Our apologies, but we don’t have a white zin recipe to share. I’d suggest checking in with your local wine making supply store.

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