mashed potatoes in casserole

Mashed Potatoes Made Easy

Making mashed potatoes should be simple, so we consulted with the experts and learned what it takes to make the perfect mashed potatoes for your upcoming holiday gathering.

Step 1: Choose the Right Potato

The starch content of the potatoes used can make a difference in the texture of your mashed potatoes. Check out the chart below to choose the perfect potato for your crowd, whether they like them fluffy, creamy, or chunky.

For Fluffy
Mashed Potatoes
For Creamy
Mashed Potatoes
For Chunky
Mashed Potatoes
Russet Yukon Gold Red
High Starch Medium Starch Low Starch
Russet potatoes (also called old potatoes, baking potatoes and, sometimes, Idaho potatoes) have an elliptical shape with a rough brown skin and numerous eyes.The russet’s white flesh is somewhat dry and mealy after cooking.This potato’s low moisture and high starch content make it excellent for baking, mashing and frying. Yukon Gold potatoes are an early bearing variety that produce somewhat flattened globular shaped tubers.Their rough yellow-brown skin with shallow eyes surround a distinctive yellow moist & waxy flesh.When cooked the flesh is buttery and creamy. Though there are literally hundreds of varieties of red potatoes the most common red potato is ruby red smooth-skinned with a waxy firm white flesh.Red potatoes are roughly rounded to oval in shape and small to medium in size. The entire potato is edible.Their flavor is more robust compared to many pale skinned varieties.This is a versatile potato which holds its shape well, thus should be used beyond the assumed baking and frying recipes.

Step 2: Don’t Over Mash Them

When mashing your potatoes with an electric mixer or food processor, be careful not to over beat the potatoes.  Doing so breaks down the cells, releasing their starch, turning your mashed potatoes into a gummy paste.  Simply put, keep the time in the mixer or food processor to a minimum, or you can always mash them the old fashioned way by hand.

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