Steak, grilled asparagus spears & roasted rosemary sweet potatoes plated

My “Meal in a Flash!”

Do you ever feel like you want to serve a really great dinner at home but don’t have the energy it would take to whip up something delicious? As a working mom, I often sit at my desk around 4 p.m. and think about what I am going to serve my family for dinner that very night. I go through our regular, quick meals including chicken fajitas, breakfast for dinner, soup and salad but when nothing is sounding good I head to Heinen’s Prepared Food case for inspiration and often times a quick and easy supper solution.

Last week was full of after-work activities. Rather than leave my family at home to fend for themselves (which often means pizza delivery) I decided I would explore the new “Meals in a Flash” program developed by the Executive Chef at Heinen’s. These meal suggestions include items and ingredients you can easily find in the store that are a breeze to assemble, taking the stress off of you, my fellow busy people.

Meals in a Flash chart held up in front of prepared foods case

I first stopped by the Prepared Foods case to pick up one of the new “Meals in a Flash” menus and to see what they currently were featuring. I thought the steak looked really fresh and not overdone so I started there as the base of our meal. I also thought I could cut off some prep time by purchasing some of their grilled asparagus spears (the perfect veggie side.) As I made my way over to the salad bar to whip up a greenery salad, I notice they also had some Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and so I bought a small container of those instead of a green salad and off we went. Time to get home and serve it up!

containers of steak with sauce, grilled asparagus & sweet potatoes

The meal was as easy as 1, 2, 3 to heat up (be sure not to overcook your steak,) plate and serve. My family was impressed and enjoyed such a nice meal, and I very much enjoyed a night off from cooking and most of all no pots and pans! The new Meals in a Flash program, if nothing else, is a great reminder that the grocery store offers so many ways to make a healthy, delicious meal for your family at-home, and you don’t need to struggle and spend a ton of time in the kitchen after work.

Thank you to Heinen’s for always reminding me how important cooking at home with my family is … and if you don’t cook or don’t have the time to, how just sitting down together and enjoying a semi-prepared dinner can also be just as satisfying and good for the soul!

Plate of steak, rosemary sweet potatoes & grilled asparagus

Charity D'Amato
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