Best Wines Under 10 Dollars

New in Heinen’s Wine Department

I’m not one for bragging, but if you’ve stepped into a Heinen’s wine department in the last couple of months then you have probably noticed a bit of a facelift – all for the better and all to benefit you.

Bin 55 Wines LogoFor one thing, we’ve really scaled back our offerings in the Bin 75 selection – by 20 wines. Now known as Bin 55, you’ll still find the same amazing values all under 10 bucks. Our wine buyers and myself taste a bunch of wines (sounds brutal, I know) to find the ones that are the best tasting and the most representative of their varietal, all while remaining true to the target price of $9.99 or less. My favorites right now are from our new house brand, Coastal Oak. They make a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir that are out-of-this-world!

Right next to our Bin 55 section is our newly-birthed Club 92 section. These wines are all awarded 92 points or above by a respectable industry publication, and they do not disappoint! We do the research and taste hundreds of wines from around the world, then carefully select the ones we feel are truly exceptional in character and complexity and we place them in this group. Some of the very best wines in the world can be found here, in the same place you do your grocery shopping – how perfect!

In an effort to not wear out my welcome, I’m going to wrap this up with our crowning glory. Peruse any category in our wine department – whether it’s Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Red Blend or Sauvignon Blanc – and you’ll find really great everyday values on world-class wines. The selection has transcended that of just a grocery store wine department. We are a wine shop within a grocery store! You’ll know these great values by the signage showing the new price and the savings, so you know exactly how great value you’re getting.

My favorite right now (because I always have to throw in my 2 cents) is the Villaudiere Sancerre for $19.99. You’ll find it in either the “Sauvignon Blanc” or “Other Whites” section. It is very rare to find a Sancerre for anything under $20, and usually it’s in the mid-20’s. Sancerre is one of the world’s greatest expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, and this one is crisp and citrusy, and as clean as a joke at the Vatican. For those of you who get caught up in the seasonality of wine, believe me, there is enough body in this Sancerre that it is perfectly appropriate for the fall. If you can eat seafood in the fall, you can drink Sancerre. It’s fabulous, and the true meaning of a great wine value.

No matter your taste or what you’re willing to spend your money on, I assure you that you will be delighted by what you’ll find in our stores. On any given day, in any given week, you’ll find some of the best wine values in the biz. You have my word on it, or my name’s not Vin Hunter.

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