May 2018 New Products at Heinen's" New Ice Cream Varieties

New at Heinen’s: May 2018

It’s been a busy month full of new additions to Heinen’s shelves. From locally-made sausage to sparkling waters to Heinen’s original Chickpea Burgers, the new item discoveries are endless.  Can’t locate a product in store? Talk to a Heinen’s Associate about ordering it for your next visit.


1. New Ice Cream & Non-Dairy Ice Cream
The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out … that means it’s time for ice cream! Try our new additions to the ice cream case including: Breyers Delights Pints, Halo Top Non Dairy Pints, A la Mode Ice Cream Pints, My Mo Mochi and Solero Organic Fruit Bars. Find them in the ice cream case.

2. Raddell’s Smoked Sausage
Raddell’s Sausage Shop has been specializing in homemade Slovenian smoked sausage for four generations. Perfect to put on the grill, you’ll enjoy this local Cleveland product. In the Meat Dept. We recently visited Raddell’s Sausage Shop to see how their sausage is made. Click here to learn more about our experience.


Enjoy the health benefits of sparkling water and the thrill of sparkling wine. TÖST is a non-alcoholic beverage with subtle fizz and hints of peach and crisp citrus that everyone can enjoy. In the juice aisle.


4. Brownwood Farms
Made with locally-sourced, clean ingredients, you’re sure to enjoy these new Brownwood Farms products. From mustards and BBQ sauces that are perfect for dipping to preserves and pie fillings for a sweet dessert, you’ll be ready for all your summer parties with these new items.

5. Koru Apples
Koru apples have arrived! Sweet and tangy, you’ll enjoy the crisp, juicy texture of this apple. Delicious for a snack, but great for baking pies, too. Find them in the Produce Dept.

6. Dewey’s Bakery Crackers
These savory crackers are great as a snack or paired with cheeses. Each flavor is inspired by a different region’s traditional cuisine. Try all four varieties: Sharp Aged Cheddar, Coastal Carolina Spices, Chipotle Cheddar Cornbread and Carolina Style.


7. Santa Fe Chickpea and Mediterranean Chickpea Veggie Burgers
Burger season is back and it’s time to give the traditional patty a new twist. Heinen’s chefs tried and tested countless combinations and customers voted to help name the two finalists on social media. Our new Mediterranean or Santa Fe style Chickpea Veggie Burgers are the perfect vegetarian option to throw on the grill at your next barbeque. In the Meat Dept.

8. LunchSkins
A plastic bag that keeps food fresh and the environment healthy is a win-win. Perfect for everyday lunches and food storage, reusable and dishwasher safe LunchSkins are an environmentally-friendly kitchen addition.

9. Bonne Maman Intense Fruit Spreads
These preserves are overflowing with fruit flavor. Bonne Maman has taken your favorite preserves and intensified them with more fruit and 39% less sugar for an authentic, clean taste. Available in Blueberry, Strawberry and Apricot.


10. Top Note Sparkling Water* (Chicago stores only)
Add fizzy fresh flavor to cocktails and mocktails this summer with Top Note Sparkling Water. Crisp and refreshing, these sparkling waters are the perfect way to keep cool as the weather warms up. Assorted varieties include Bitter Lemon, Indian Tonic and Ginger Beer.

11. Hartzler Ice Cream Pints** (Cleveland stores only)
You won’t find ice cream more wholesome than Hartzler. Made without chemical pesticides, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones, this local, family-made ice cream is undeniably tasty.

*Top Note Sparkling Water is found only at our Chicago locations.
**Hartzler Ice Cream Pints are found only at our Cleveland locations.

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