Old Forge Dairy artisan cheese on racks

New Local Artisan Cheese: Old Forge Alpine Style

Old Forge Alpine Style is Heinen’s newest local cheese selection from Old Forge Dairy in Kent, Ohio. Old Forge is a small farmstead dairy farm and cheese producer which takes raw, unpasteurized milk from their select herd of Ayrshire cows and transforms it into delectable, hand-crafted artisan cheeses. They practice sustainable farming methods that will guarantee this century-old farm continues on for the next generation and beyond.

Ayrshire cows in field at Old Forge Dairy

Old Forge Alpine is a raw cow’s milk cheese made with microbial rennet and is suitable for vegetarians. It has been aged on local beech wood — cut directly from the farm’s woodlands — for 10-15 months. This natural aging contributes to the cheese’s firm and satiny texture and adds notes of brown butter and hazelnuts on the palate.

Old Forge Alpine Style cheese in packagaing

This cheese pairs well with Apremont Vin de Savoie, a floral white wine that is made from the Jaquere varietal—a great wine find in our Pick of the Vine selection of wine. Try the pairing for yourself and savor a local and European match made in heaven!

Find Old Forge Dairy Alpine in our specialty cheese case.

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