Wellness in the new year

New Year, New You With Heinen’s Wellness

It’s a New Year and New You – right? Despite the high hopes and good intentions, most people fail to turn their New Year’s resolutions into reality. But this year can and should be different. You have fought your whole life to be the very best version of you, and you have everything you need to succeed in your own mind – you can do this! Set yourself up for success with Heinen’s Wellness!

Start by calling on the experts at your local Heinen’s Wellness Resource Center. Every Heinen’s store has a dedicated, full time, wellness consultant that is ready to help answer any questions you may have. Our consultants will be a partner on your journey to a maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whatever that may look like. Whether it’s a weight loss journey or a diet change, they’ll help with selecting the right products for your personal diet and lifestyle. They’ll provide advice regarding dietary changes, supplementation and so much more.

Each of our Wellness Consultants is a certified health coach that is a passionate and caring individual who has been trained by our holistic medical doctor – Todd Pesek, MD. Many of our Wellness Consultants have degrees and certifications in fields like dietetics, biology and others relating to human physiology. They’re all extremely passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle and they’re eager to get to know you.

In addition to our knowledgeable Wellness Consultants is our programming available to help you along your journey. Beginning at a number of our stores is our free 28-Day Fresh Start program where you will learn how to:28-Day-Fresh-Start

  • Make smart food choices that optimize your energy and well-being
  • Incorporate Superfoods into your meals and snacks
  • Prepare simple and healthy meals
  • Manage your blood sugars, triglycerides and blood pressure by choosing heart-healthy carbohydrates
  • Choose essential vitamins and supplements.

More information on our 28-Day Fresh Start program and to how find an up-coming session that fits your schedule can be found Here. Spots are filling up quickly, be sure to reserve your spot before it’s too late. And remember – this is the year you decide to become your healthiest you. This is Your Year.

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