Easy Lattice Pie Crust

Perfect Lattice Pie Topping

Set your next pie apart with this gorgeous lattice pie top that you can accomplish every time in just 7 easy steps Take your pie game to the next level with a flaky, beautiful lattice pie crust. Take a look at our step by step photo instructions for making a great lattice pie topping.

Pie Photo - No Crust

Step 1

Place bottom crust and add filling

  • Prepare your bottom pie crust and lay into a round pie pan. Gently press the crust into the pan until it fits the contour of the pan.
  • Pile in the fillings. Add your favorite pie fillings until even with the outside edge of the pie pan.
  • Roll out another pie crust into a circle that is slightly larger than the pie pan. Cut into 8 equal strips.

Pie Photo Some Crust

Step 2

Add crust strips 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Place four crust strips across the pie, evenly spaced from edge to edge
  • Fold strips 1 & 3 in half back over themselves


Pie Photo - Half Crust

Step 3

Add crust strips 5 & 6

  • Add strip 5 perpendicular to and over top of strips 2 & 4
  • Fold strips 2 and 4 in half back over themselves and unfold strips 1 & 3
  • Add strip 6 over top of and perpendicular to strips 1 & 3


Pie Photo - All Crust

Step 4

Add crust strip 7

  • Fold strips 2 & 4 in half back over themselves in the opposite direction.
  • Add strip 7 over top of and perpendicular to strips 1 & 3.


Pie Photo - Lattice Top

Step 5

Add final crust strip 8

  • Unfold strips 2 & 4 all the way across the pie.
  • Fold back strips 1 & 3 about a quarter of the way across the pie.
  • Add strip 8 over top of and perpendicular to strips 2 & 4.


Pie Photo - Ready to Bake

Step 6

Finish lattice topping

  • Unfold strips 1 & 3 all the way across the pie.
  • Using kitchen shears, trim any access from the crust strips that hang over the pie pan.
  • With a fork, gently press into the edge of the crust to seal the strips to the bottom crust and create a nice presentation.


Pie Photo - Baked Pie

Step 7

Bake your pie

  • Bake your pie according to your recipe.
  • Enjoy!

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