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Produce Picks: Shasta Gold Tangerines

It’s that time of year when we inevitably start to wish away winter and the snowy, blustery weather and dream sweet dreams of sun-filled days and summer vacations. One thing that we’re not quick to wish away is our selection of premium winter citrus. All winter long we’ve been nourished by our favorite citrus fruits like cocktail grapefruits, Cara Cara and Heritage Reserve navel oranges, Meyer lemons and so much more and we’re not yet ready to say goodbye.

As luck would have it, our produce partner, Melissa’s Produce keeps the good stuff rolling in and next up for hungry citrus fanatics is the customer favorite Shasta Gold Tangerine. We can hardly contain our excitement.

Big and bold in flavor, Shasta Golds delight the senses with a combination of tart and sweet flavors topped off with a juiciness that has been known to shoot across the room. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but they are packed with some serious, juicy deliciousness.

Shasta Gold Tangerines

These prized Shasta Gold tangerines are a late season descendant of Temple, Dancy and Encore Tangerines and we’ve got the top crop waiting for you!

The Shasta Gold Tangerines in our stores are grown by one of Melissa’s favorite growers, Philips Farms. This scenic 1,000 acre family farm is located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley in an area commonly referred to as “the nation’s salad bowl”. For over 50 years, this family owned business has been a leader in the industry. The lasting effect on the industry is evident at Phillips Farms through their innovative use of hydro-coolers, fresh-picked fruit is taken straight from the fields and immediately cooled and ready to be packed and shipped. Protective bee netting and reflective ground fabric affords Phillips Farms the ability to produce the season’s best fruit, year after year. The incredible, have to see it to believe it, back drop of coastal mountains and national parks like Sequoia National Forest makes it a pretty special place.

Shasta Gold Tangerine in Citrus Grove

Swing by our produce department and pick out a few of our favorite big, ripe and juicy Shasta Gold Tangerines that are ready to enjoy. A cup of these large tangerines have excellent nutritional properties; they’re good sources of vitamin C, vitamin A, Calcium and Fiber. Just make sure to get enough to share!

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