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Products we Love: Heinen’s New Asian Inspired Sauces

We’re confident that our exclusive and unique Two Brothers products are among the very best tasting products around. No matter which product you take home, it’s sure to be a cut above!
If you’ve tried any of our Two Brothers products, you know what we’re talking about. Our Two Brothers Asian Sauces are no exception.

Mandarin Orange Vegan Chicken Nuggets

These versatile sauces were inspired and perfected by our very own Heinen’s chefs for use in many of the popular prepared entrees and side dishes sold in our stores. As our loyal customers began to try and come back for these unique dishes, we just knew that needed to make them available for everyone to try at home.

We spoke with Heinen’s Chef Jackie Novotny about the process of creating these sauces. Take a peek at what makes our line-up of four Two Brothers Asian Sauces so special…

How would you describe the new Two Brothers Asian Sauces?

These new sauces are the perfect thing to add a little zing to your plate. They’re available in four great varieties and they all work extremely well on meat, seafood and even your favorite veggies. Each sauce has a unique flavor profile that has the potential to add some excitement to your next meal.

What inspired you to create these sauces?

When our Downtown Cleveland store opened in early 2015 we created a recipe for honey lime sriracha glazed chicken wings to be served at our second floor appetizer bar. Once our customers had a taste of the sauce, they immediately began asking us to bottle it so they could use it at home. That was just the beginning.

As we were bottling the honey lime sriracha sauce, our chefs began tinkering with some other Asian inspired sauces that ended up as excellent companions to the spicy sriracha sauce. Once we tasted all four sauces we knew that we to make them all available to our customers. 

What was your role in creating these sauces?

Along with the talented team of Heinen’s chefs, we tasted, tweaked and scrutinized each recipe over and over, until we had each one just right. If we felt that the sauce wasn’t quite there we re-worked the recipe until we had what we believe was the perfect sauce.

What makes these sauces so special?

One thing that’s great about these sauces is that they’re produced and bottled locally in the Cleveland area. We love to work with local companies as often as possible and this was a great fit. In addition, all four sauces are 100% vegan and they’re made without high-fructose corn syrup and contain only clean ingredients. You won’t find any impossible to pronounce ingredients in these sauces, that’s something that I love.

Mandarin Orange SauceHow do you recommend using them?

No matter which you choose, these sauces make a tremendous marinade, glaze or dressing and each has the power to turn an ordinary meal into a restaurant worthy.

Can customers try them before taking home a bottle?

Yes, we’ve been using the sauces in some new prepared foods like our vegan chicken nuggets with mandarin glaze and other great items that can be found in our prepared foods case throughout the year.


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