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Viking Icelandic Yogurt began on the stovetop of Phil and Therese Meers’ tiny studio apartment. The newly engaged couple shared a love of athletics, healthy eating, and homespun Icelandic yogurt, but when some of their favorite brands started selling out to large corporations, sacrificing quality and serving sizes while raising prices, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Growing up on a farm and coming from a family that has been producing dairy since at least the year 1380, Phil carries with him a distinct understanding of traditional dairy practices. As a competitive rower and athlete, Phil was constantly searching for healthy, high protein foods that would fill him up and provide the necessary energy to get through his workouts and through the day without feeling over-full and sluggish. Then Phil and Therese discovered the Viking tradition of yogurt.

One pot at a time, while reading Viking sagas and pouring over Viking Icelandic YogurtViking history books, they learned the techniques of making high-protein, low-sugar yogurt. Because of its high nutritional value, yogurt was essential to the Vikings, and fueled their greatest adventures. As a matter of fact it was so important to their stamina on long journeys that they wouldn’t depart on a voyage without it.  Phil and Therese tracked down viking food scholars and historians to understand exactly how the Vikings made their yogurt.

Viking Icelandic Yogurt has less sugar per ounce than their competitors because they use more milk (4 cups of milk to make 1 cup of Viking!) and strain out the sour whey curd, therefore, there is no need for added sugars to counteract the sourness. And they add real, pureed fruit. Viking is America’s ONLY full size 6oz Icelandic yogurt cup with milk from grass fed cows. It has more protein than sugar, and Viking is certified gluten-free, rBST-free, and kosher Orthodox Union. Stop in our dairy department and try the refreshing Cucumber Mint!

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