Bin 55 in-store case

Quality Wine Finds in Bin 55

Choosing a great bottle of wine that won’t break the bank shouldn’t be a challenge. Whether it’s something to complement tonight’s dinner, or you’re just feeling adventurous and want to try a new varietal, sometimes we simply need a quality wine at low cost. That’s where Heinen’s Bin 55 comes in!

One of the most popular spots in our Wine Departments, Bin 55 boasts 55 of the current best examples of wines from around the world for $10 or less! How do we know they’re the best? Our Wine Consultants carefully vet this wine selection with a blind taste test every six months.

Recently, our Wine Consultants got together to swirl, sniff and sip 26 new wine options to consider adding to our Bin 55 collection. All bottles were covered with foil to ensure secrecy and avoid sampling bias. As wines were tasted, consultants scored the bottles on a ten-point scale based upon their understanding of customer preferences. Wines that excited or delivered great value were rated higher to help curate the best tasting selection. There is always a great deal of discussion on how the new bottles compare to what is currently in store, how each consultant scored a wine and, of course, some friendly competition to see who can accurately guess the bottle and brand!

Once scores were tallied, the wines with the highest scores were added to Bin 55, replacing the least popular wines in the current collection. Recent additions to Bin 55 include:

No matter your taste preferences, you can feel confident selecting a wine from Bin 55. So don’t spend your time trying to choose the perfect bottle at low cost, we’ve done it for you! Bin 55 allows you to get in and out of the store quickly so you can use that time enjoying your new wine find.

Need help? Our Wine Consultants are happy to assist you in making your selection and offer recommendations across the full department. You’ll find value in this curated selection each time you shop.

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