Raclette cheese melted over potatoes

Raclette: The Perfect Cheese for Wintertime Gatherings

Nothing celebrates the wonder of winter quite like Raclette cheese! After all, it is the “mother” of all melted cheese—a molten “hot mess” of simple pleasure and edible elegance.

Raclette is a semi-hard traditional melting cheese made from whole cow’s milk. Its distinct nutty flavor comes to life when melted or grilled under direct heat.

Originally, Raclette was enjoyed by shepherds in the Alps. After a hard day’s work, they would gather around their campfires and prepare a hearty meal of boiled potatoes topped with gooey, stone-melted Raclette.

Today, you can enjoy Raclette in much the same way; however, your melting options are a bit more advanced! While you can still prepare your Raclette by melting it near a fire, there are a variety of grills and heating devices designed specifically for melting this unique cheese, including the Boska Partyclette which can be purchased at your local Heinen’s. Broiling it in the oven will do the trick, too!

To heat up your next gathering this chilly winter, share a bit of warm, melty Raclette with your friends and family! This is a fun, interactive dish to serve to a large group because everyone can take turns warming the cheese and scraping it onto their plates. We recommend serving it over roasted potatoes, toasted bread, cured meats and pickled vegetables. Add Vin de Savoie or a quaffable Farmhouse Ale for a perfect wine or beer pairing.

We invite you to try our Heinen’s-exclusive Beillevaire Raclette de Montagne— an incredible French Alpine cheese you won’t find anywhere else in our region. We recommend enjoying this Raclette during its optimum season, which takes place from October through early March (or while our supplies last).

Here’s why we know you’ll love Beillevaire Raclette de Montagne:

• It’s a French cave-aged Alpine cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk and traditional animal rennet.
• It’s silky smooth with a supple texture.
• The complex flavor profile includes hints of fresh mountain grasses and flowers, toasted hazelnuts, crème caramel and brown butter.
• Pre-sliced cheese is available.

Want to learn more about Raclette and techniques for preparing and serving it? Check out our local store event calendar in January and February for an in-store Heinen’s Raclette Melting Experience near you. It’s a great way to jump-start your own winter gathering tradition!

Raclette cheese wheels in cave

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