Rave Apples in Box

An Apple to Rave About

The information and photography for this post was provided by our friends at Stemilt Growers

There’s a lot to love about Fall: a break in the intense heat of a mid west summer, the inevitable return of all things pumpkin spice and, of course, all of the delicious seasonal produce that reaches its peak as the temperature cools. From pumpkins and squashes to corn and sweet potatoes the assortment of Fall produce goes on and on, but when you’re looking for something sweet, you simply can’t beat a bite (or many bites) of a fresh-picked apple.

You’ve heard of Gala and Pink Lady, Fuji and Golden Delicious, but now there’s a new apple on the produce block, and it’s something to rave about. We truly believe that you can never eat too many apples during the Fall, which is we’re excited to welcome Stemilt Growers’ newly-released Rave® Apple to our Produce Department.

Rave Apple on Tree

So, what is a Rave® Apple and what makes it rave-worthy?

Developed through traditional cross-pollination as a part of the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program, these bite-able beauties are outrageously juicy with a a refreshing zappy zing. A cross between the well-known Honeycrisp apple and the early-ripening MonArk, the resulting Rave® Apple is best identified by its perfectly round shape and gorgeous bright fuscia-red skin. Its crisp white fresh is guaranteed to be explode refreshing flavor that will leave you craving more. We’ll admit that this description leaves our mouth watering for a Rave® Apple, but the only way to truly do it justice is to taste it for yourself.

It’s best to grab a bushel soon because the season for these apples is incredibly short. In fact, in late July, a mere 3 weeks before any other Washington State variety is harvested, our friends at Stemilt Growers in Wenatchee, Washington can be found picking Rave® Apples from the trees and sending them to us in throughout August and September.

Stemilt Team Picking Apples

Our friends at Stemilt have tested all kinds of recipes and found that these zingy apples are best when paired with fresh foods that do not require cooking with heat. We recommend pairing these apples with cheese or fresh greens  for a perfectly delicious light snack.

Rave Apples in Bowl

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make the start of Fall something to to rave about by biting into our new Rave® Apples.

If you’re interested in learning more and taste testing these juicy new fruits, but sure to visit the Rave Apple Road Trip Truck for samples, giveaways and lots of apple-centered fun!

Heinen’s of Mentor | Thursday, August 29th | 12 pm – 6 pm
Heinen’s of Avon | Friday, August 30th  | 11 am – 5 pm


  1. Would appreciate the Apple truck coming to the Bainbridge area just as the peach truck from Georgia came in July to a local nursery. It was a big hit and a considerable amount of consumers came from everywhere to scoop them up. I would think the same success would follow the Apple truck and stir up excitement and anticipation
    to try these delicious sounding apples!

  2. Love your store, quality of food choices, organic products, people friendly and customer service are exemplary!! Thank you for opening your store in Barrington IL I live in Cary IL and it’s well worth the trip to shop at your Barrington store every (Thyme) time 🤗✌️🖐❤️

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