Road Trip Snacks

Road Trip Snacks with Heinen’s

The recipes and photography for this post were provided by local blogger, Abby Thome of The Thome Home.

Vacation season is upon us! As we all count down the days until we are weekends away, or our days at the beach – there is one thing we are ALL dreading . . .the car ride. Whether it be 3 hours or 13, car rides with or without children – the inevitable tracking of mile markers, and additional time added on from traffic, results in far too many HANGRY people in the car!

We have learned the hard way in past years that not having the proper road trip snacks on hand will lead to far too many pit stops, fast food trips and a ridiculous amount of money spent on munchies that leave you feeling just as run down as a car on the side of the road! I’ve got a few great tips to make your road trips ride a little smoother. Preparing an incredible spread of snacks is key to getting on the road happy – and staying that way!

There are three things that I personally think are must-haves on a road trip:

The Totes Awesome Tote Bags

Road Trip Snacks

We live not even a mile away from Heinen’s, and since we moved into the neighborhood it has become our go-to store to pick up groceries. When creating a list for your road trip snacks, variety is key! Have a few refreshing cold items on hand – and do not forget a few sweet treats!

The Refrigerator Friendly

I am obsessed with this individual guacamole cups – perfect for dipping pretzels, and everyone can have their own! Have you tried the Sargento Balanced Breaks? Bite-size snack packs of cheese, nuts and dried fruit – truly just the right amount of everything to hold you over! My boys drink a lot of milk – having Horizon Organic milk boxes in the cooler makes life SO much easier than packing individual cups for the ride. Our current favorite in the Thome Home: Chobani’s new yogurt! You guys, they are SO cute – and come with a straw to pop into the top, turning these cuties into the perfect traveling pal for munchkins!

Road Trip Snacks

Every year I find myself gravitating towards craving the saltier snacks rather than the sweet- so having a few delicious chips and pretzels in the car makes it super simple to grab one or two to quench my salt thirst! (road trip tip: bring chip clips!) Our favorites from the line up above: Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Classic Sea Salt Kettle Chips and Late July Tortilla Chips!

The Salty Snacks

Road Trip Snacks

Here, I introduce to you the holy grail of all road trip snacks. You’ve got sweet, salty, protein packed, chewy and crunchy – these snacks have it all!

Top Row: Biena Chickpeas, Bunny Fruit Snacks, The New Primal Beef Stick 

Middle Row: Rx Bar, Crispy Green Apples, Go Go Squeez

Bottom Row: Jif To Go, Pretzel Pack, Gomacro bar

The Jif To Go containers are one of my favorite road trip snacks to offer the kids – hand them one, with a pretzel pack and they’ve got a yummy and filling snack!

Road Trip Snacks
Goldfish : Teddy Grahams : Rice Works : Hippeas : Blue Diamond Almonds

Road Trip Snacks

Something sweet for my crew!

Road Trip Snacks.

Before we end this Road Trip Snacks post with Heinen’s – let us not forget about the items above!

What’s a road trip without candy? We always throw a bag or two of gummy bears and skittles to make sure the kids have candy for when the meltdowns and tears are impending! Grab a few tiny notebooks for your kiddos too, along with stickers and crayons. Puffy stickers are officially my new favorite find for Max. His little fingers can pull and paste without asking me for any help, which any parent knows is a total victory!

If you are preparing for a road trip soon, RUN to your nearest Heinen’s for the ultimate variety of snacks!

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