Cheeses and Rosés

Rosé + Cheese Pairing Guide

May ushers in the warm weather of spring as a prelude to the coming summer months. It is the time of freshness and renewal, AND the beginning of Rosé wine releases that pair perfectly with a variety of wonderful cheeses from around the world! Rosé wines are refreshing and dry, with berry fruit notes and whispers of citrus. Their crisp acidity and fruit profile make them the perfect partner for cheese pairings, especially during the warm weather season.

Try Laura Chenel Cabecou with Herbs paired with Whispering Angel Rosé. This marinated goat cheese, with roasted grapes and walnuts, just begs for a slice of toasted French baguette and a warm sunny day on the patio! Just one bite of this easy appetizer instantly transports you to the South of France!

Robiolio Cheese and Alexander Valley Rose

Luigi Guffanti Robiolo due Latti is a great Italian cheese produced from both cow’s and sheep’s milk. This youthful, slightly sweet cheese has been produced in the Langhe area of Piedmont, Italy since the late 1800’s. Made with spring and summer milks, this intensely rich cheese finds its partner with a fruitier, more full-bodied style Rosé like Alexander Valley Vineyards Rosé of Sangiovese. Wow, what a marriage of taste and texture! Bellissimo!

Heinen’s Imported French Brie is just the cheese to pair with Gratien and Meyer Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé. This Cabernet Franc sparkler is crisp and lively with nuances of fresh picked raspberries and wild strawberries that simply collide with the silken, creamy, buttery texture of our cow’s milk brie. A great springtime celebration of fresh berries and cream for sure!

Roquefort cheese & Savas Rosé

Lastly, Roquefort, the “King of Blues,” brings forth full sheep’s milk flavor, a creamy texture and a lasting salty sensation that is just the perfect cheese choice paired with rosé wine.  Try a piece of this great blue cheese with a drizzle of honey and some fresh blackberries or serve it crumbled over a bed of baby salad greens and fresh fruit for a springtime brunch idea. A great go-to and a new exclusive release in our set this season is Savas Rosé from Bordeaux, France. This Rosé is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grape varietals that aims to please any palate and lends a beautiful balance to blue cheeses.

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