Pears Growing on Tree

Fresh pears from the world’s best growing locales

If you ask us, we’ll be quick to tell you that the best pears in the world are our Rushing Rivers Pears grown in the scenic river valleys of Central Washington state where mountain slopes meet pristine river beds and fertile soil unlike any other place in the country. That happens to be right where our friends and long-time produce experts at Stemilt World Famous Fruit have been growing the best tasting pears for nearly a century.

Stemilt’s pear orchards blanket the Wenatchee River Valley which runs through quaint towns from the base of the Cascade Mountains and on into the desert climate of Wenatchee, WA, as well as the smaller yet equally stunning Entiat River Valley to the north.

Here in these two locales, pear trees are nestled against the river’s edge and peacefully take in fresh air flowing from the Cascade Mountain peaks nearby. Sunshine fills the sky throughout the growing season and the proximity to mountains keeps temperatures cooler before harvest in order to give delicate pears all they need to thrive. It’s the perfect environment to grow juicy and sweet pears. As they say at Stemilt, “If you were a pear, this is where you’d want to grow”.

Want to learn more about Stemilt’s Famous Pears? Check out the video below:

Get to know our favorite pears…

Bartlett-Pear-GroupBartlett Pears

Availability: August – January

Pale green skin that ripens to full yellow.

Bartlett pears have a classic pear flavor, with abundant juice and a buttery texture.

Starkrimson-PearStarkrimson Pears

Availability: August – December

Crimson red in color with a thick, stocky stem. Skin brightens as it ripens.

Balance of juicy and sweet flavors combine with floral undertones to make this summer pear a real treat.

Bosc PearBosc Pears – Coming Soon!

Availability: September – March

A fully russet skin and a long neck makes.

Bosc is an elegant pear with a crisp-dense texture, and a pleasant sweet flavor that is balanced with hints of fall spices.

Anjou PearD’Anjou Pears –  Coming Soon!

Availability: October – June

Pale green skin that ripens to full yellow.

Anjou pears have a very smooth, pale off-white flesh and are juicy, with a sweet and brisk citrus flavor.


Look for fresh new varieties of Rushing Rivers pears arriving throughout the fall and winter seasons, fresh from the Washington River Valleys and get eating!

Do you need tips for selecting and storing your fresh pears? Click here for our favorite pear tips and tricks.

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