Say Hello To David Gregg, Heinen’s Deli Merchandiser

What’s your favorite season?
Fall. Crisp, cool air; I like the fall seasonal foods and fruits that are available. It’s the time of year that I was married, so there’s nostalgia.

You’re on a desert island. What are the three things that you bring with you?
1. Music. I listen to music in the house. It keeps me motivated and moving, keeps me on a fast temp.
2. I’d bring some way of making fire so I can cook. That’s always the bottom line.
3. A good book.

What are you reading right now?
I’m in the middle of the third reading of the Dark Tower series. It’s Stephen King without the blood and gore; it’s more fantasy than scary. He’s very descriptive; I can see the movie in my head as I read his books.

Name a few ingredients that are always in your kitchen.
Panko bread crumbs. They are the cream of the crop of all basic ingredients. I also love Two Brothers Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I like the fruitiness and mouthfeel – it’s great for everything. Lastly, you’ll always find sunflower seeds. They’re great on salads, great as snacks, I use them as ingredients a lot of time in cooking. Adds a nice salty, textural crunch to everything.

What is your favorite Cleveland area restaurant?
I like Blue Canyon in Twinsburg. They have great appetizers, in the summer you can sit outside. It’s a cool date spot. And for an Ohio restaurant, they do a great job with barbecue!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
At Heinen’s, in some way, shape and form. My job has always changed during my time at Heinen’s, but I’ll either be teaching or working with food. My goal at Heinen’s is creating foodies, no matter which department I’m in.

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