Say Hello To Megan Stone, Heinen’s Floral Buyer

How did you become interested in the floral business?
My family had a produce and floral market in Rocky River, so early on I was with my parents and then on my own going to farms to pick up fresh produce and flowers daily. Working at our market from an early age, I just absorbed this way of life from all these great artisans and growers I had contact with every day.

What do you love about your sourcing product?
I love that I get to find products that are always evolving… every week the variety and selections change. The seasons change and so does our mix. It just keeps my role interesting. We always have something fresh and new to offer our customers each week. The staple items are always available too whether it be orchids or gerbera daisies, it’s fun to take these everyday items and come up with a fresh new way to present it, with a container or by color, possibilities are endless.

Do you garden?
I do, nothing elaborate… but I can’t imagine not being able to go out to the garden to pick fresh herbs. We have the best local grower of potted herbs, grown right in Chagrin Falls so it makes it so easy to plant the best culinary selections of herbs each spring.  Of course to go with those herbs, I have to plant our patio tomatoes, locally grown in Mantua, they produce perfect size fruit all season. Summers nights are just perfect with fresh picked basil and tomatoes, sliced on my dinner table.

What is your favorite Flower?
Daffodils make me happy. Daffodils grew wild in the wooded hills behind my childhood home, they bring back great memories of coming home with armfuls of fresh picked Daffodils  each spring. They are my all-time favorite, at Heinen’s we are lucky to have a longer season than I had. We are able to import them from Ireland in early February and then thru late March we transition to USA grown on our west coast. You will always find a vase of fresh daffodils on my kitchen sink and on my bedside table all spring.

As someone who knows  plants and flowers, what is the most frequently asked question you receive?
When I am in stores, customers constantly come up with a few fresh bunches from our 3 for $12 selections in their hands and ask “ Do these go together?”  I always respond, Mother Nature mixes all colors and varieties together… so you can too. There are no design rules following you home, pick what you love and you will be sure to create your perfect bouquet.

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  1. Meagan, You have the freshest, most beautiful bouquets at

    Heinens. Even during the growing season in northern Ohio

    when I have fresh flowers in my own garden, I still stop to look

    at your lovely displays of fresh flowers, and often buy some to

    add to my own arrangements.

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