Seasonal Stone Fruit Recipe Guide

At Heinen’s, we’re proud to bring fresh seasonal produce to our customers. This year’s selection of stone fruit was as vibrant as ever, and many of our contributors enjoyed bringing new recipes to life by utilizing a variety of well-known fruits and some hybrids that may not get as much attention, but certainly deserve it. This post not only gives links to recipes created this summer, but also a welcome addition to some one our past favorites as well. Here are the stone fruits covered in this seasonal recipe guide:

Stone Fruits:

  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • Plumcots
  • Apriums
  • Apricots
  • Cherries
  • Nectarines

Stone Fruit Caprese Salad

Stone Fruits

If you’re like us and sick of the same old salad, Stone Fruit may be the ideal antidote. The cherries, plums, nectarines, apricots and peaches in this salad add color, flavor and a rich kind of texture that is impossible to find in a standard dish. This salad looks fancy, but it’s also easy to prepare and present to guests, making them an ideal summertime snack that makes the heat less intimidating and the day just a bit sweeter. Another benefit of this salad is that given the plethora of produce in it, the sky is the limit when it comes to what fruits to add.  And if you’re in the mood to branch out into hybrid territory, try dipping your salad tongs into some plumcots or plumogranates — you won’t be disappointed.

Apricot & Plumcot Goat Cheese Tart

Stone Fruits

If you want a dish that allows your stone fruits to shine in the way they deserve, this tart is for you. With shimmering apricots and plumcots atop a sweet goat and cream cheese base, this tart gets our vote for the “hardest to cut into and ruin the beauty” award. But don’t worry, these stone fruits will shine long after they’ve been sliced into ample-sized wedges. This tart is perfect for a summer get together or something to look forward to after a not-so-sweet work day.

Apricot Goat Cheese Appetizer

Stone Fruits

Some days, we feel so fancy that surely the Queen herself would want us at the table — and when we’re looking for a starter to accompany this gust of gusto, these sleek apricot and goat cheese bites are immediately where we turn. These treats are perfect for anyone from starter to novice, and they require only six ingredients and a minimal amount of preparation. They look like treats served at a Michelin Star restaurant, but they don’t have nearly as large of a price tag when made at home. After the apricots have been plated and the honey has been drizzled, pour a glass or three of something sweet and floral. In no time at all, the Queen’s staff will be calling you, and we’re guessing they’ll be wanting a caterer.

Minted Peach Sweet Tea

Stone Fruits

It’s hard to be fuzzy on what makes this Minted Peach Sweet Tea such a welcome refresher. The addition of mint into this classic warm-weather drink allows the tea to be both sweet and balanced. For best results, serve this tea on a patio to friends and family. To make the afternoon even more picturesque, make sure some of you are swinging back and forth on a patio swing. Now that’s what we call summer.

Plumcot & Brioche Toast 

Stone Fruits

The phrase “rise and shine” might actually become positive if the words “your toast is ready” always follow it…and if we’re talking toast, it’s hard for one to catch our attention more than this Plumcot & Brioche version! The sweetness of this breakfast is immediately noticeable and makes it somewhat similar to classic french toast, but unlike french toast, it’s far more nimble and easy to make, which means it isn’t just reserved for weekends. One of our favorite hybrids is a plumcot, and you can put as many as your heart desires on top of this toast — they’re sweeter than your standard plums and perfectly pair with their apricot cousins.

Grilled Stone Fruit with Berries and Honey Lemon Dressing

This is a fruit salad taken to the next level by using the best ingredients possible. Stone fruits are the centerpiece of this stunningly vivid dish, but one of the other key players is a delectable honey lemon dressing that adds more subtlety and control to the dish than the audaciously sweet berries and stone fruits can ever offer.  Even though this is just a “simple” fruit salad, the flavors are so complementary that you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to make a well-balanced dish in a matter of minutes.

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