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Selecting the Best: Five Great Picks from Heinen’s Award-Winning Cheese Selection

Our large selection of cheese comes from all over the world and is sold at a variety of price points, making it easy for everyone to find something they love. Our collection has even been awarded the Best Cheese Selection by Cleveland Magazine and many of our partners have won several awards of their own.

Early on in the artisan cheese movement, Heinen’s made a commitment: discover gifted cheesemakers creating a special kind of cheese that was an expression of its origin, even if that was a small farmstead located on just a few acres. We wanted cheese with a real story.

To that end, we now proudly offer what we believe are some of the finest cheeses you’ll find anywhere. Some are local, some are from across the country and some are from around the world.

Here’s just a sampling of recent award winners and other wonderful cheeses you will find in our stores.

Tulip Tree Creamery Trillium
Blue Ribbon Winner, American Cheese Society Awards 2018 and Winner, Good Food Awards 2017
Founded in 2014 by Fons Smits and Laura Davenport, this small Indiana creamery is dedicated to producing handmade, artisanal cheeses made with milk sourced from local Indiana dairy farms that practice Certified Humane standards. Happy cows produce high-quality milk, which makes award-winning cheeses!

Mackenzie Creamery Cognac Fig Chevre
Best in Class, Flavored Soft Goat’s Milk Cheeses with Sweet Condiments, World Championship Cheese Contest 2018
Even if this cheese wasn’t made right down the road in Hiram, OH and the cheesemakers weren’t the loveliest people, I would still want to buy this cheese by the truckload. It is absolute perfection, especially when entertaining. Everyone loves it, and the cognac fig sauce doesn’t overwhelm the goat cheese. Rather, both flavors complement each other very nicely.

English Cheddar and Blue Stilton
Cheddar and blue stilton are cheeses both born in England. Cheddar is one of the world’s most popular cheeses, with each bite full of complexity and history of the English countryside. Blue stilton, another iconic British cheese, is made for us by Websters Dairy, the smallest creamery in England. Websters was started more than 150 years ago by sisters of the same name. Bound by a sense of family, community and history, the dairy, nestled in the heart of Leicestershire, is dedicated to the highest quality, handmade and hand-aged blue cheese.

Parmigiano Reggiano
Real Parmigiano Reggiano must meet strict regulations set by Italy, including the region of origin, type of milk and time window for production. Most Parmigiano Reggianos are aged for a minimum of 24 months, but many are aged even longer than that. Additionally, some Parmigiano Reggianos are produced and aged for less than 24 months. With age comes more beauty and prestige. Along with the rest of the world, we believe it’s the king of the cheeses, and we carry the real deal.

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