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Snack Smart with Supersnacks!

If your New Year’s resolution is to create a healthier way of being, would you believe you can start with a snack? That’s right: to assist with weight loss, rejuvenation, energy and health, snack smart with superfoods!

Evidence has shown that several small meals or snacks throughout the day can be beneficial for energy levels and weight loss. Then why isn’t everyone reaping these benefits? The secret is in the choices—everything we put into our mouths has an effect on our health.

Snacking smart is the perfect way to munch your leafy greens and eat the rainbow a little at a time, thus supporting a whole new you! So remember your Superfoods rules when you choose your snacks: lot’s of greens, twice as many veggies as fruits, raw or sprouted when it’s possible, and balance those proteins and omega fats. If you carry healthy choices with you (as my family prefers to do!), you’ll never be vulnerable to a fast-food slump.

Some great new snacks to try: Alive and Radiant foods, my favorites are their Veggie Krunch: Arugula and Cabbage, and their variety of Kale Krunch. Super delicious! And, for your sprouted seeds and nuts, look no further than: Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds and Spicy Seed Mix as well as Living Intentions Gone Nuts blends. For those of you that like to munch on a snack bar here and there, try Garden of Life as they have some amazing, nutritious and delicious flavors to healthfully satisfy those snacking urges.

So, snack up with Superfoods!

Be well,
Dr. Todd

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  1. “I would like your “”nutrtion expert”” to disclose any business interest in the brands he recommends. Honest physicians give advice on generic foods to eat, not specific brands”

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