Spanish Cheese Board

Building a Spanish and Portuguese Cheese Board

Take your next party to new places by preparing a beautiful Spanish and Portuguese cheese board. From soft and silky to hard and tangy, we are excited to bring  you a variety of new and exciting cheeses directly from Spain and Portugal, several of which are making their American debut at Heinen’s. Check out the cheeses that are arriving and choose your favorites to start building your board, then add extra flavor with small bites and exclusive Spanish and Portuguese wine using our pairing guide. The result will surely be the talk of the party.

Spanish Cheese Board with Labeled Cheeses

Spanish Cheeses

1. LeonoraLos Cameros Queso Camerano DOP
Soft and naturally rind-ripened, this pasteurized goat milk cheese is a triple threat with its balance of delicate, mild and tangy flavors.

2. Queso Camerano (Arrives Mid-July)
Add a little heat to your cheese board with this cheese made from raw or pasteurized goat milk . Known for its natural grey rind, this selection has been made for more than 700 years in Rioja, Spain. It’s vegetal and lactic flavor with and spicy taste is simply delicious.

3. Valdeón Blue
This hearty-aged blue cheese has the creamy-rich texture we crave. Wrapped in Sycamore leaves, this variety, made from cow and goat milk, is bold and spicy on the palate.

4. La Gruta Tres Leches
If the bold flavors of Manchego are a bit too strong, this mixed-milk cheese is the perfect mild option. Covered with a beautiful olive oil-rubbed rind, this cheese is known for its complex and multi-layered flavor profile.

5. Drunken Goat
The interesting name for this cheese comes from the way it is made. Soaked in Monastrell wine, this pasteurized goat milk cheese gives you the best of Spanish wine and cheese all in one bite.

6. Naked Goat Murcia
If you’re interested in goat milk cheeses, this variety is a great place to start. Semi-soft with very mild and sweet flavors, this cheese tastes great raw or melted.

7. Manchego
The complex and dry texture from this pasteurized or raw milk cheese makes it the most famous Spanish variety, and it comes in several ages. At Heinen’s, the three month aged-variety is made from pasteurized sheep milk and is known for being supple and toothsome, while the four month aged-variety is made from raw sheep milk and has a dry mouthfeel. To add complexity to your cheese board, try the 12 month-aged variety which is known for being exceptionally dry but intense in flavor. Regardless of which variety you choose, each bite releases a delicious medley of rich nutty and lanloin flavors.

Portuguese CheesesPortuguese Cheese Board

1. São Jorge (Pictured: Sliced Cheese on Left)
This semi-hard, cooked curd with a young cheddar-like mouthfeel is a delicious handmade raw cow milk cheese. Made at one sole dairy situated in the Azores region of Portugal, this cheese is known for its smooth and milky texture with a tangy end note.

2. Queijo de Nisa (Arrives Mid-July, Pictured: Large Cheese Wheel)
This beautiful cheese selection is both semi-hard and  hard-aged and comes from raw sheep milk. Add it to your cheeseboard for sharp and intense flavor.

Small Bites and Wine Pairing Guide

Cheese Wine PairingSmall Bites
Leonora2016 Zagalin White (Verdejo)Fresh Melon and Figs, Fig or Sour Cherry Spread, Marcona Almonds and Honey
La Gruta Tres leches2016 Zagalin White (Verdejo)Fig and Almond Cake and Fresh Fruit
Valdeón Blue2015 Herdade Do Rocim Touriga NacionalDried Fruits ( Cherries and Cranberries) and Marcona Almonds and Honey
Queso CameranoJuramento Oak Honey and Dried Fruits
Drunken Goat Pedrera Red Dried Figs, Dates and Dried Apricots or Fresh Melon and Honey
Naked Goat MurciaPedrera White BlendFresh Figs, Grapes and Stone Fruits, Marcona Almonds, Honey and Mild Chorizo
Machego2016 JuramentoMarcona Almonds, Membrillo, Figs and Cured Ibérico Pork Loin
São Jorge2015 Confidencial Portuguese Red BlendFresh Figs, Cherries and Stone Fruits, Roasted Sweet Peppers in Olive Oil, Sardines in Olive Oil, Smoked Oysters in Olive Oil, Douro Almonds and Fig or Sour Cherry Spread
Queijo de NisaQuinta do Crasto Duoro Red WineFigs, Douro Fried Almonds

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