Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning!

I have a confession.

When the winter days are upon us, there are certain chores that I don’t tackle. Windows, for example. Those can wait. The lawn, obviously, is also neglected under the cover of the typical Ohio winter. I think we can all identify with the slow-down feeling that comes along with winter, when all we want to do is hibernate with a good book.

But guess what? Spring is here! It seemed impossible, but the weather is warming, the ramps are burgeoning, bulbs are coming up—Mother Earth is awakening! Spring has sprung, and it’s Spring cleaning time!

I don’t just mean the windows and the yard. It’s time to work out those inner cobwebs as well. Scientifically speaking, the increase in daylight hours brought on by spring increases serotonin levels, thereby making us happier. We get outside more, and soak up more sunshine, therefore increasing our Vitamin D production; this is essential for the essence of our being. Our moods become elevated and more balanced, and we have more energy, focus and desire to get out there. What’s not to love?

So how can you promote this pattern of awakening within your body?  Try these tips:

1. Be mindful of consumption. Think greens (lots of em!) and eat fresh, springtime local offerings: asparagus and ramps are just two of our early spring favorites. If you make a concerted effort to eliminate the no-nos (refined white flour, sugar, alcohol, coffee, etc.) for even a week or two—or try for 21 days (the length of time it takes to break and/or form habits)—your body will have more energy to devote to cleaning house.

2. Exercise outside as often as possible, allowing the sun on your body. An extra daily walk will do wonders.

3. Superfood-rich green smoothies and juices will support your renewed energy levels, and give you the nutritional support you need. Here’s a favorite: Juice the following either in a juicer or a blender until desired consistency.
• 3 granny smith apples
• 4 pieces kale
• ½ cucumber
• 4 stalks celery
• 2 cloves garlic
• 1 jalapeno pepper
• 1 grapefruit
• 1 thumb sized piece of ginger and/or turmeric
• Optional: Few sprigs fresh parsley and/or few sprigs fresh cilantro

Cheers to Spring cleaning!
Dr. Todd


  1. Your message was very inspiring and will definitely try your smoothie.
    – My husband hates garlic – will he be able to taste it in the drink, and if so, should I eliminate it?
    – I’ve read that you should avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice if you take certain medications. Does that apply to this drink?


  2. Hi Joanne!
    Many thanks for your note about our recent newsletter. I am pleased that you enjoyed and found it inspiring. Please do let me know what you think of the recipe once you have tried it. I am sorry to hear that your husband does not like garlic as it really does like him–garlic is very good for us. Often, but not always, people who don’t like garlic in cooking do like it in juices like this. Maybe try reducing the garlic just a bit and see if you can please his palate while getting some of this most delicious and health empowering superfood into him. You can also try adding a little more ginger and turmeric as they complement and mask the garlic quite well. As for the grapefruit, it can speed up liver detoxification and thus enables our bodies to clean toxins (and medications) out more rapidly. In effect, this can reduce the efficacy of certain medications that rely on a certain blood level to be effective. You can leave the grapefruit out if need be. Please do stop by your local Heinen’s and visit with our Wellness Consultant who can show you around and draw your attention to my recent book, Eat Yourself Super. You will find lots of great recipes and all kinds of advice both in my book and in our wellness center.
    Be well,
    Dr. Todd

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