Stay on Track with our Favorite Healthy Snacks

The New Year typically brings declarations to eat healthy, and we know that can be hard sometimes. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring – here are just a few of our favorite products for keeping that “be healthy” resolution. Want more information or recommendations? Just talk with one of our wellness consultants – they’re happy to share their favorites with you!

Nutrition Bars
Nutrition bars are a favorite “go-to” snack for many, and we have a large selection – we couldn’t pick just one favorite. Good Greens are our best-selling bar and contains 100 percent of your daily fruits and vegetables and 10 grams of protein. Garden of Life Organic Perfect Food is a chocolate-covered bar that contains nutritious whole foods and beneficial live probiotics. Fruits of Life, also from Garden of Life, is a whole food antioxidant bar that provides antioxidants equal to what is found in four servings of fruit. Raw Revolution bars have a ton of tasty flavors and are gluten-free, vegan and contain no GMOs. That’s just a few of the many bars we have.

Way Better Sprouted Snacks
You don’t have to give up your favorite salty snacks with Way Better Snacks. These tortilla chips are made with sprouted ingredients like organic sprouted quinoa, organic sprouted brown rice flour, sprouted black beans and broccoli and more. Sprouting has many benefits, including increased vitamins and minerals, increased antioxidants, increased digestibility and increased nutrient absorption.

Way Better Snacks are high in omega 3’s and antioxidants, low in sodium and saturated fat and are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and no fillers or preservatives. Snack on with your favorite salsa or dip!

The Toasted Oat Granola
“Wow” is the best way to describe this granola. Made from only the best ingredients, gluten-free Toasted Oat Granola is soft, chewy, totally addictive and has quickly become one of our favorites. Every flavor is hand-crafted and baked in Columbus in a gluten-free facility. Enjoy this granola in a bowl with milk, sprinkled in yogurt or straight from the container!

I Heart Keenwah
Quinoa mixed with other natural ingredients like organic chocolate, almond oil and honey, these tasty little clusters are a sweet treat that makes a fulfilling and delicious snack. Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids and is the only whole grain that’s a complete source of protein. Try this to satisfy you sweet tooth without feeling guilty.

Good ‘n’ Raw Kale Chips
If you haven’t tried kale chips, you may be surprised by how much you like them! Good ‘n’ Raw kale chips are made using organic ingredients from local farmers and produced sustainably. We recommend the pizza flavor!

R.A.W. Real and Wonderful
Satisfy your snack cravings with R.A.W. Real and Wonderful dehydrated snacks. R.A.W. Real and Wonderful’s variety of nut bars, granola, crackers and macaroons start with mostly raw and organic ingredients that are dehydrated to help keep in important nutrients.

Living Intentions Sprouted Almonds
Keep these on-hand for that afternoon pick-me-up! Simple but delicious, these almonds are sprouted in pure ultra-filtered water, are a good source of vitamin E and are rich in essential fatty acids.

What’s your favorite healthy snack or meal?

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