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Steak = Summer

One of the best things about summer is all the great grilling! I’m a meat guy, so you know I love to grill a great steak. In Heinen’s Meat Department, we get a lot of questions about what cuts are the best for the grill. Here’s an easy tip to keep in mind:

Beef Rib Rib SteakAny cut of meat that has the word “rib” or “loin” in the name are naturally tender cuts and are just fantastic for the grill. I’m a purist and love the taste of Heinen’s beef, so I like my steak seasoned with just a little bit of kosher salt and pepper or Two Brothers seasoning – that’s it. That way I really taste of the flavor of the beef. Rib and Loin cuts don’t need a marinade. The flavor of these is just outstanding without anything added.

Some examples of Heinen’s Own Beef rib and loin cuts are:

  • Beef Short Loin T-bone steak
  • Beef Loin Top Loin Strip Steak
  • Beef Short Loin Porterhouse Steak
  • Beef Rib Ribeye Boneless Delmonico Steak
  • Beef Rib Rib Steak

Beef Chuck Top Blade Flat Iron SteakThese cuts are my favorite for the grill, but don’t overlook the Beef Chuck Top Blade Flat Iron Steak and Beef Chuck Skirt Steak. Flat iron steaks are also great with just some salt and pepper. Skirt steaks are best marinated, grilled and sliced thin. The skirt steak has more porous fibers, so marinating them adds great flavor and also tenderizes the meat.

Whether or not you marinade or just cook up your steak, it’s really all about personal preference.  If you really want to taste the flavor of the beef, skip the marinade. If you want a simple way to add flavor and enhance a dish, then marinate away.

  • Grill Like a Pro These same tips on loin or rib cuts apply for other meats as well, including pork, lamb, veal and even bison! Stop by your local Heinen’s meat counter for even more tips and help picking out the perfect steak, whether you need a few for dinner or are planning a party. We’re here to help and we love to talk shop with our customers!

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  1. I was interested in finding out what kind of steaks are good for marinating. They seem to have a tendency to get to tough after cooking. Is it the marinate that is used or the beef. Can’t seem to get them both together so it doesn’t end up chewing like a rubber tire Thank you…..

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