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Stop and Smell the Roses with Heinen’s Blooms

Have you heard the saying “stop and smell the roses?”  To most, this is a reminder to take time to enjoy the beauty in life, but at Heinen’s you literally can stop and smell the roses, and the many other flower and plant varieties that fill our Floral Department.

From beautiful bouquets and festive greenery to potted plants for your porch, Heinen’s Floral Department is budding with inspiration for adding seasonal flare to your home.

With over 4,000 varieties available seasonally, Heinen’s Floral Buyer, Megan Stone, says that there is not one single thing that makes Heinen’s Floral Department unique. Rather, it’s the combination of fresh, quality product,Floral Friday Bouquet seasonal favorites, hand-designed arrangements, do- it- yourself opportunities, and knowledgeable, passionate associates that make the department a floral haven.

One thing is certain though, each and every leaf, petal and bud must meet Heinen’s strict quality standards. While the beautiful colors catch our eye, for the past 17 years, Megan has been looking at qualities like bloom size, bloom count and uniqueness to guarantee that Heinen’s blooms are one-of-a-kind.

While it’s important for each variety to meet Heinen’s standards, they have to meet your standards, too. That’s why many of the arrangements in the department are Heinen’s originals created with you in mind. Heinen’s partners with farmers to experiment with different flower, pot and pot cover combinations to create eye-catching arrangements that can only be found at Heinen’s.

Even the mixed bouquets have original flare. Most grocers have a single source for their bouquets, meaning that the flowers are grown, cut and designed at the same location. Our mixed bouquets are designed with flowers from South America, Canada and Holland, among other regions. These worldly varieties are bunched together to create truly beautiful mixed arrangements.

Whether you choose Heinen’s designs or create your own with our do-it-yourself-inspired 3 for $15 varieties, quality and freshness is guaranteed. Megan says that buying direct makes all the difference. Rather than using a distributor or wholesaler, we have formed relationships with local, national and international growers, so most of our floral arrives directly from the farm where it’s grown, allowing for peak freshness.

The freshness is easy to maintain at home, too as long as you follow Megan’s golden rule. Replace the water daily! If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t put your plants in it.

If you’re searching for seasonal home decor, or simply passing by the eye-catching rows of flowers during your next grocery trip, make sure to “stop and smell the roses.” You never know what seasonal finds you’ll discover and create in our Floral Department. Excitement is always blooming.

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