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Summertime Sweet Corn: Locally Grown Farm Report

Few foods evoke summer quite as much as corn-on-the-cob. And lucky for us, Witten Farm’s corn is here! Sweet and flavorful, it’s great cooked on the grill, or removed from the cob and sprinkled throughout all your summer salads. We think it might just be the perfect summer food. But don’t forget to also fill up your basket with zucchini, yellow squash, beans and so much more! Local produce has pretty much taken over our Produce Department, transforming it into a local Farmer’s Market thanks to our relationships with our Ohio farmers (some of whom have been supplying us with tasty fruits and veggies for three generations!)

We’ll keep you updated on what’s available from these and other farms as the season goes on with your Locally Grown Farm Report! (Availability may vary from store to store depending on weather conditions and demand.)

Here’s what’s available now from our local growers:

corn on the cobWitten Farm

Lowell, Ohio

Available Now: Corn l Honeyrock Melon

Alfalfa sproutsCleveland Bean Sprout

Cleveland, Ohio

Available Now: Alfalfa Sprouts l Bean sprouts l Broccoli sprouts l Spicy sprouts

Yellow squashKeim’s Produce

Homerville, Ohio

Available Now: Yellow Squash l Zucchini l Golden Zucchini l Snap Peas l English Peas l Pickles l Cucumber l Candy Onion l Red Candy Onion l Toy Box Tomatoes l Heirloom Tomatoes l Flat Squash l Baby Squash l Pickling Dill  Arriving Soon: Wax Beans Red Cabbage l Red & Yellow Grape Tomatoes l Slicer Tomatoes

ChivesGreat Lakes Growers

Burton, Ohio

Available Now: Chives l Living Basil l Marjoram l Oregano l Rosemary l Sage l Thyme l Watercress l Living Boston Lettuce

Red and Green Leaf LettuceJon’s Organics Farm & Produce

Ravenna, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Organic Romaine l Organic Red Boston Lettuce

ZuchinniGreenfield Farms Organic

Fredericksburg, Ohio

Available Now: Organic Kale l Organic Zucchini l Organic Yellow Zucchini l Organic Beets l Organic Lacinato Kale l Organic Cabbage  Arriving Soon: Organic Slicer Tomatoes l Organic Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoesGeauga Family Farms

Middlefield, Ohio

Arriving Soon: Organic Grape Tomatoes

RadishesZellers Farms

Hartville, Ohio

Available Now: Boston & Bibb Lettuces l Beets l Red & Green Leaf Lettuces l Romaine l Radishes l Endive l Escarole l Green Onions l Cilantro l Baby Dill l Curly & Plain Parsleys

CabbagesMichaels Farm

Urbana, Ohio

Arriving Soon: Cabbage l Beans


Lake Zurich, Illinois

Available Now: Microgreens









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