Taste the Season - Summer Cheese Selection

Taste the Season: 10 Cheeses for Your Summer Cheese Board

The summertime calls for cheeses that are light in flavor and texture and that pair beautifully with ripe, seasonal fruit and refreshing beverages. Here is our collection of 10 fresh and light, warm weather-inspired cheeses to enjoy this summer:

1. Fresh Mozzarella
A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, nothing says summer quite like fresh mozzarella cheese! Heinen’s carries mozzarella imported from Italy and also mozzarella produced in the United States.

Why we love this cheese style:
Fresh mozzarella is a mild cheese with a milky flavor profile and a subtle sweetness. It takes the leading role in a traditional Caprese salad and is just as delicious when melted on a savory grilled pizza or added to a sweet dessert pizza with fruit.

Pairing suggestion:
Pilsner beer, fruity red wines

Fresh mozzarella caprese salad with tomatoes and basil

2. Heinen’s Hand Selected Imported Provolone
Heinen’s Hand-Selected Imported Provolone is an aged and mildly smoked Italian table cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

Why we love this cheese:
This cheese delivers a buttery flavor profile with a hint of spice and sharpness. It shines as the star on any antipasto plate or when melted on top of grilled burgers.

Pairing suggestion:
Light red wine, Lambrusco

3. Laura Chenel Flavored Goat Cheese Medallions
Sonoma, California-based Laura Chenel offers a variety of fresh, flavored pasteurized goat’s milk cheese medallions that are a perfect addition to any cheeseboard or as a grab-and-go snack.

Why we love these cheeses:
Whichever flavor suits your palate, these cheeses are a wonderful addition to any summertime meal. Serve them on fruit and nut cracker toasts alongside seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Pairing suggestion:
Crisp, unoaked chardonnay

4. Beillevaire Fresh Chèvre Cheeses
If you’re a chèvre lover, you’re sure to enjoy Beillevaire’s award-winning imported assortment of hand-made fresh goat cheeses from the Loire-Atlantique region in France.

Why we love these cheeses:
Each of these cheeses is wonderfully fresh with mild acidity, smooth texture and are uniquely flavored by their region’s environmental factors. Serve with fresh seasonal fruit and a drizzle of honey.

Pairing suggestion:
Sauvignon Blanc, IPA beer

5. Mackenzie Fresh Goat Cheeses
Not only does Hiram, Ohio–based Mackenzie Creamery makes some of the best fresh goat cheeses in the region, they also make some of the best goat cheeses in the world! Last year, their Cognac Fig chèvre won Best in Class at the World Champion Cheese Contest.

Why we love these cheeses:
All of these cheeses are rich, smooth and velvety with a mild flavor profile. Serve them crumbled over a salad of mixed baby greens and fresh seasonal berries or melted in a phyllo cup.

Pairing suggestion:
Sparkling rosé, IPA beer

Fresh goat cheeses from Mackenzie Creamery

6. Mayfield Road Creamery Gouda and Havarti Cheeses
Mayfield Road Creamery is an Orville, Ohio-based farmstead creamery that produces local artisanal, raw cow’s milk cheeses with a sense of place over time.

Why we love these cheeses:
These semi-soft cheeses are buttery and mild in flavor and follow Dutch and Danish cheesemaking traditions. Try the Dill or Pepper Havarti cut into cubes and tossed into your favorite potato salad.

Pairing suggestion:
Fruity rosé wine, wheat beer

7. Feta Cheeses
Heinen’s carries a variety of feta cheese from the US and across Europe, including Greece, Bulgaria and France. Made from sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or mixed milk, fetas are pressed and brined and wonderfully salty.

Why we love these cheeses:
Feta cheeses from both the US and Europe have a tangy taste, and a variety of textures, from crumbly to smooth. Crumble them over roasted or marinated beets, or toss them into mixed seasonal melon salads.

Pairing suggestion:
Beaujolais, Gewurztraminer, pale ale

8. Gouda Paradiso
Paradiso is an Italian-style cheese made in Holland that had been aged for 10 months. Its texture is firm, yet creamy and smooth with a tangy and savory flavor, similar to parmesan.

Why we love this cheese:
Gouda Paradiso has a smooth, creamy texture with a subtle sharp endnote. Add this cheese to your favorite grilled mushroom cheeseburger or in your favorite baked pasta dish.

Pairing suggestion:
Merlot, red blend wines, amber ale

9. Ilatia Mozzarella di Bufala
This creamy fresh cheese is produced with pasteurized water buffalo milk and imported from Italy. Serve it at room temperature for a delicate and complex treat.

Why we love this cheese:
This fresh pulled curd cheese is creamy, soft and tangy, with an incredibly long finish. We recommend adding it to a simple salad that includes seasonal heirloom tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, freshly ground salt and pepper.

Pairing suggestion:
Fruity red or white wines, pilsner beer

10. Burrata
With an outer shell of mozzarella and an interior filled with fresh cream, Burrata is a rich yet delicate treat perfectly suited for enjoyment during warm weather months.

Why we love this cheese style:
Burrata translates to “butter” in Italian, so it’s no surprise that this cheese has similar qualities— it’s rich, milky and filled with sweet cream goodness! Serve it wrapped in paper-thin prosciutto slices alongside seasonal, grilled peaches or your stone fruit of choice.

Pairing suggestion:

Fresh burrata cheese over tomatoes

Find these incredible summer-inspired cheeses in the Taste the Season section of our specialty cheese case. This collection will be available in all stores from through August, or while supplies last.

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