Taste the Season: Five Specialty Cheeses to Try This Spring

The cold weather is starting to break and the days are becoming longer and filled with sunshine. The first signs of spring are upon us and not only are we thinking about fresh, new beginnings, we’re also thinking about all of the wonderful young cheeses that reach their peak this time of year and the light, refreshing wines that pair so well with them.

Celebrate the season with our collection of five spring-inspired cheeses:

Beecher’s Dutch Hollow Dulcet is handmade in New York State. It is a rindless, double cream made from pasteurized cow milk. This cheese is a great example of fresh, creamy “goodness” in each and every bite!

The simple tastes of fresh cream and rich butter guide the palate towards a high acid dry wine such as a Pinot Noir rosé. The red currant and raspberry fruit profile in the wine pairs perfectly with the rich, creaminess of the cheese.

Tulip Tree Creamery Nettle is a small batch, artisanal cheese from Indiana made from the pasteurized cow’s milk of local herds. This American Cheese Society (ACS) award-winning cheese is covered with fresh mint, sage and nettle leaves and makes for the perfect springtime picnic cheese selection.

Add a bottle of bubbly, a baguette and some fresh fruit, grab your blanket and you’re off to the park!

Laclare Family Creamery Goat Pepper Jack cheese is made by hand in Wisconsin from pasteurized goat milk. This fresh, pressed curd cheese is sweet and tangy, with just a hint of heat.

Crumble this cheese over your favorite fish tacos and add a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and your springtime patio meal is just the beginning to a great warm weather evening or afternoon brunch.

Alavão cheese is handmade in Portugal from pasteurized cow milk. This cheese is soft and compact and takes on the subtle flavor profile of smoked paprika from its rind.

This complex cheese just begs to be paired with savory elements. I recommend slicing some Alavão and arranging on a cheese board with cured meats and marinated green and black olives. Add some Portuguese fried almonds and a glass of Portuguese white or red wine and you have a simple spring appetizer solution that can’t be beaten.

Heinen’s Hand-Selected Le Rondelaine Brebis is handmade in France from pasteurized sheep milk. Since this exclusive is made-to-order in small batches, we see it come and go through our Air Ship Program, so when you see it, grab it! This is a double cream rindless cheese that starts out with an airy texture to die for.

As it ages, this cheese becomes silky and creamy with a molten texture that simply begs to be slathered on a crusty baguette. Pair with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey or fig spread and a cool glass of fruity Gamay Beaujolais or rosé.

Taste the Season spring cheese collecion
From left to right: Heinen’s Hand-Selected Le Rondelaine Brebis, Tulip Tree Creamery Nettle, Laclare Family Creamery Goat Pepper Jack, Beecher’s Dutch Hollow Dulcet, Alavão

Find these incredible spring-inspired cheeses in the Taste the Season section of our specialty cheese case. This collection will be available in all stores from March through May, or while supplies last.

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