Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles Tasting

The 12 Days of Bubbles

The holidays are here, so pop the champagne and celebrate the season with those you love most. If you’re yet to stock up on festive bubbly, you’re in luck! We’re celebrating the season with our 12 Days of Bubbles featuring a dozen for our favorite champagnes from around the world. With so many options at a great value, you’re sure to find one worth celebrating!

Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Dibon Cava bottle

Day 1 – Thursday, December 12
Dibon Cava

This fresh and zippy Spanish wine is great with casual brunches or can be used to create an excellent Champagne punch!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - A to Z Wineworks Rose


Day 2 – Friday, December 13
A to Z Wineworks Rosé Bubbles

Made from Pinot Noir grown in Oregon, you’ll find expansive ripe berry flavors that make this a great choice to serve with roast poultry.




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Vin Hunter prosecco


Day 3 – Saturday, December 14
Vin Hunter Prosecco 

Vin Hunter is back! Our annual shipment of this outstanding Prosecco has just arrived from Italy and it’s tasting great. Combine with equal parts of orange juice to make the ultimate mimosa for a holiday brunch!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Chandon Sweet Star


Day 4 – Sunday, December 15
Chandon Sweet Star

Looking for a festive way to end a meal? We recommend this tasty and slightly sweet charmer with your favorite baked treats.




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Chandon Blanc de Pinot Noir


Day 5 – Monday, December 16
Chandon Blanc de Pinot Noir

This California is a bold and tasty sparkler that is as versatile as it is delicious. We love it with robust cheeses like aged gouda and gruyere.




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Chandon Rose


Day 6 – Tuesday, December 17
Chandon Rose

Looking for bubbles that everyone will love? Here it is! Showing pretty cherry and rose petal notes on a dry frame, this one is a great choice to begin your celebrations!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Gratien and Meyer


Day 7 – Wednesday, December 18
Gratien and Meyer Rose

There’s ample ‘French finesse’ in this tasty and complex selection. Look for hints of earth, spice and red apple flavors that will be an excellent pairing with roast duck.




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Argyle Champagne


Day 8 – Thursday, December 19
Argyle Brut

One of the best Sparklers from Oregon, this one over-delivers with complex flavors of roast nuts, honey and brioche. It’s a great gift choice for your Bubble drinking friends!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catharine


Day 9 – Friday, December 20
Henry of Pelham Rosé

This stunning value from across the Lake in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula tastes like French Champagne at half the price!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - 13th Street Blanc de Blanc


Day 10 – Saturday, Dec. 21 – 13th Street Blanc de Blanc

Made from 100% estate-grown Chardonnay in the Niagara Peninsula, this bright, zesty and bone-dry beauty is THE ultimate fizz to serve with your favorite seafood creations!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - J Champagne


Day 11 – Sunday, December 22
J Rosé

One of our favorite California Rosés, this dynamic treat shows dried cherry and fennel flavors on a juicy frame. It’s stunning when paired with roasted salmon!




Heinen's 12 Days of Bubbles - Vueve Clicquot


Day 12 – Monday, December 23
Veuve Clicquot Brut

Because you and your friends deserve it. Classic Champagne tastes best this time of the year!

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